How do I learn hula hoop?

Hooping learn is not so difficult as you might think. It is just a bit more to it than the stubborn Try. Surely you have ever had any hula hoops at home. By it did not work and now you're wondering, "How do I learn hula hoop best?".

Choosing the agony of choice of Hula Hoop
Hula mit Massagenoppen No, it does matter, what tire you are using. Indeed, there are some differences, which can be less helpful for beginners sometimes more, sometimes. So learn hula hoop starts with buying the right hula hoop tire. How to hula hoop is very simple, if you follow some rules:

1. Stand next to the tire. If he reaches you to the navel, then you have found the best tire in its size. But also the weight plays a role.
2. If you want to learn hooping, you should first select a slightly heavier tires, then the circuits easier.
3. A rule of thumb is that the tires should have a meter in diameter and about nothing more or less than two and a half centimeters should be strong.
4. Do not simply in the next toy store to a simple hula hoops to buy. Are far too easily obtainable there and in diameter too small for adults who want to learn hula hoop.

So you can learn hooping - it's easy!

When the right tire is once found, you just need enough space for your new favorite sport. Since you determined easily sweat at the beginning, you should also wear comfortable clothes. You should lie close to the body so that the hula hoops will not be distracted by folding.

Learn Hula Hoop begins with the right starting position

    You should stand up as normal and place one foot forward. In right-handed people the Wohlfühlfuß is most of the rights, with the left-handers. A safe level is half the battle.
    Then you can throw on the tires. Keep it at waist level. He should rest against the back. Now the axis is very important. Can only succeed learn Hooping, when the tire is really parallel to the ground. Are you in postion? Then it goes on.
    To heat it is best to start now so that hips slightly forward and to circle back. How to get a bit momentum and Hula Hoop learn you notice the same even easier.
    Now the dry run is over. Enter the tire with both hands some momentum and move your hips back and forth. Simultaneously, the abdomen should be moved back and forth. At best, the tires now have to move in a circular motion around the abdomen, the back and forward again.

There is still no master fell from the sky!

If it does not work out, then that's not bad. Learn Hula Hoop works rarely on the first attempt. Have fun with it and move your hips and belly deliberately. Also, be careful to never make circular motions. The circular movement of the tire can only come about when the hip is moved back and forth. If it learn the Hooping not want to fold so that may also be due to the wrong direction. Enter the tire swing it out to the other side. Everyone has their preferred side. Just as it feels best for you, it is more likely to lead to success.

Learn more about Hula Hoop Learning
After the first suggestions for the Hula Hoop learn, it goes on with the necessary training methods, so that you soon lead the tire so naturally to the body as you, Such as cycling or ice skating. With the choice of the right Hula Hoop tire you have already been familiarized. Make sure you have plenty of room and listen to music you like. Then the Hula Hoop also makes even more fun and fun.

Hula hoop exercises as a beginner
This is the first time that you are able to hold the tire on the body at all. Please place a foot forward, which you use as a support foot and make sure that the tire is parallel to the ground. Place the tire at the height of your sacrum. Move your hip and belly forward and back as fast as you can. Do not be discouraged by the first failure. You will notice the more you complete your exercises at the Hula Hoop, the greater the tension in which you can hold the hula on the body. By the way: even if the tire threatens to fall to the ground, you can go to the knees by timely to get the Hulla tire back to the desired place.

Hula Hoop exercises for advanced
If you are learning the Hula Hoop already have advanced, you can specialize your hooping. They can vary the speed by controlling the pace of their hips and stomach movements. You can turn yourself towards the hula hoop, and you can also control the hoop tire vertically on the body. To control the Hula Hoop tire in the direction of the neck, increase the thrust. If the Hula tire is to be moved back to the waist, then move slightly with body and hip again.