The Hula Hoop can also be used by men and is particularly beneficial for the biggest problem area of men - the abdomen.

Swinging the Hula Hoop is not just for women, on the contrary.
Especially the male stomach benefits anatomically from the use of our Hoopomania Hula Hoop.
A six-pack with Hula Hoops, is that possible? YES, absolutely - but of course not after 5 minutes of hooping.

The right Hula Hoop selection for men:
It depends on which question you ask yourself.
Do I want to lose weight? Then take a look at our Hoopomania Hoops with massage nubs.

It is recommended to start with our hoops, according to our table.

Hoopomania NameTarget groupBody weightMassage factor
Hoopomania Light Hoop 1.2kgBeginnerup to 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Weight Hoop 1.5kgBeginnerfrom 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Booster Hoop 0.85kg - 2.45kgAllAllmild
Hoopomania Might Hoop 2kgAllfrom 85 kgmild
Hoopomania Slim Hoop 0.72kgAllup to 55 kgmild
Hoopomania Body Hoop 0.95kgAll56 - 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Large Hoop 1.8kgAllfrom 65 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Anion Hoop 2.1kgAllfrom 70 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Magnetic Hoop 1.2kgAll60 - 70 kgintensive
Hoopomania Vital Hoop 2.6kgAdvancedfrom 70 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Action Hoop 1.6kgAdvancedfrom 65 kgintensive
Hoopomania Titan Hoop 3.1kgAdvancedfrom 70 kgintensive

The values given here are approximate and average values. A few kilograms up or down do not matter.

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Please note the basic rule that the hula hoop should reach from the floor to your hips or navel while standing.
The bigger and heavier a hoop is, the easier it is to swing.

Browse through our Hula Hoops for beginners.

Preparation before starting the Hoopomania Hula Hoop training
- the correct hula hoop selection, see table above
- Empty the bladder, so go to the toilet first
- enough distance to chairs, tables or other objects. Our Hula Hoop sports equipment is designed for use on the abdomen and hips, but not for collision with objects (cracks may occur which are not covered by warranty).

How do I get started with the Hoop?
A question that is difficult to answer, as there are different ways to start.

Legs: broad-legged, about the same height as the shoulders or half a step with one leg in front (which leg is individual, just try how the swinging of the hula hoop is easier).

Hands: often a problem for beginners. Where to put the hands when hula hooping? Again, there is no basic rule. Put your hands on your chest, cross them, put them on your neck, put them on your head or just hold them in the air.

Clothing: easiest, at the beginning: shirtless. Since the Hula Hoop can then best "stick" to the body.
Sounds stupid, but it is like this :-) Do not wear belts (just uncomfortable). 
Shoes: without shoes, with tennis shoes simply try out where and how you have the better hold.

Stomach: the stomach should be tense, so the muscles naturally. Please do not pull in the stomach, just tense it.

Breathing: yes, would be good :-) At the beginning it might be a little difficult to tense your stomach, to concentrate and still breathe, it just needs a little practice, then it works by itself relatively quickly. It is a bit easier to breathe via chest breathing, if possible. This way the stomach does not change its position and the hoop can fall down less easily.

Movement: you swing the hula hoop with your hips. So the impulse comes from the hip. Not from the whole body.
Yes and how: back and forth, left or right or circling?
Test how it falls the easiest. Circling is less recommended. Back and forth is - for most people - the easiest way.

How long at the beginning?
Only a few minutes so that the skin and body can get used to this new strain.
It makes no sense and reduces the fun if you try it for 1 hour the first time. Here, bruises are practically guaranteed the next day.
Start with a few minutes and increase slowly.

And in which direction do I swing the hoop? 
This is also quickly explained: in the direction in which it is easiest to start. Just try it.
After a few weeks you automatically change sides yourself: 20 minutes left, 20 minutes right and so on.

I can't do that, am I too clumsy?
No, nobody is too clumsy for that. Some people get the "twist" after 2-3 times of practice, others need a little longer. Just like any other sport. Don't drive yourself crazy, stay patient and try it out.

Food, can I hoop right after?
That will just press on your stomach and be uncomfortable. Just like with the kids and going swimming: not right after eating but wait half an hour / hour and then go for it.

Hooping tricks made easy?
Once you've got the basics, you can start doing cool tricks.

Check out our instructions for isolation, arm & leg hooping or our hooping tricks for beginners. You will certainly impress every spectator and friend.

Check Hula Hoop success
Weight: it is enough to stand on the scale 1x per week. For example, every Monday right in the morning after getting up.
Measuring the circumference: also here it is enough to measure 1x per week the successes and to write down of course.
Hip, stomach and chest circumference measurement is very simple and please measure always the same spots.

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