Frequently Asked Questions for Hula Hoop

"Which Hula Hoop is the best for me since there are sooo many?"

Basically, the choice of the right Hoop depends on many factors, including in particular your own body weight, your size, the physical condition, your experience and individual training goals. Those who want to lose weight should try our potent Hula Hoops with massage nubs to combine the training with a pleasantly stimulating massage for stress reduction. Some of our Hula Hoops have built-in magnets, so you can enjoy invisible, but very health effective magnetic fields. Do you want to discover Dance Hooping or to learn different tricks for Hooping? In this case, you should discover our models without massage nubs. If you are a beginner, we recommend our innovative beginner and fitness Hula Hoops.

More detailed information can be found here:
Hula Hoops – how to choose the right model
"How often should I work out with the Hoopomania hoop?"

To achieve sustainable results you ought to train 15 – 20 minutes two to three times a week minimum. If you manage to practice more often and for a longer time, the better! But be careful. Do not stress it in the beginning. Find your own pace and get used to the hooping’s massage effect hoop gradually. To practice safely, do not train for more than five minutes per day when you are a beginner.
"How long will it take for me to see results?"

The success depends a lot on your personal fitness profile. The individual workout intensity creates effects that may vary. It is preferable to focus on a slow detailed practice rather than an over-night miracle. Also raise awareness to your nutrition when you are exercising. Good news: Women tend to befriend and benefit from hooping easily. The workout format complements their anatomy naturally.
"I feel pain while hooping – is it something to worry about?"

Over time your skin and tissue will adjust to the hooping action and enjoy the massage effect. Gradually build toward more repetitions and a longer performance. Do not overdo in the beginning. When you get a warning from your body, make it a priority to stop what you are doing and take a rest.

"I experience a lot of bruising while hooping. Why?"

This side effect is neither unusual nor harmful The Hoopomania massage balls are essential accessories for efficient practice. Many first time hoopers experience bruising when starting out. Go easy on yourself: Facilitate your workout with the perfect fit and protective function of the Hoopomania Abdominal Belt.
"What should I pay attention to when hooping?"

Pay attention to your posture. Get rooted firmly on the ground, assume a slightly open stance and keep your knees bent.
It can take some time of practice, but it is well worth the effort: Ideally change the direction of the spin regularly. If you are able to this, you will notice a better training result.
Make sure you spin the hoop in a proper parallel alignment to the ground.
Hooping is an energetic cardio-vascular workout format. Always rejuvenate and replenish your body with liquids while and after working out.
Do not stop eating to achieve weight loss! Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It might take five... Come to nourish yourself based on a natural-foods diet and get realistic response to your needs.
"How can I transport the Hula Hoop in the safest way?"

With our Massage Hula Hoops, you fundamentally enjoy a great comfort because they are made of several parts that can be disassembled with a few simple steps within a few seconds. The practical packing box has a plastic handle, so it can be used as storage or as a carrying bag. Please note that our Hoop Dance models are available as so-called Travel Hoop from a diameter of 80 centimeters in most cases. They can be decreased in size by an innovative construction so by more than half, so there are space-saving options for the transport.
"My Travel Hoop is not quite round after unfolding it. What can I do now?"

All Travel Hoop models which you can order here, are made of PE or HDPE tubes that may deform easily during the transport. However, this is not a problem of time because you can easily make a ‘round thing’ of your Hula Hoop again: As shown in our video tutorial, you only need to turn the two parts at the joint in the opposite direction. HDPE (high density polyethylene) and PE (polyethylene) embody an extremely robust material which ensures a long life of your Hula Hoop. But is also a certain flexibility of distress for the necessary momentum at Hula Hooping. But for the necessary momentum, the Hoop has to have certain flexibility. Due to this flexibility, you are able to fold the construction at all. So it is in the nature of the material that it gives in a little. This is no indication of a poor quality, quite the opposite is the case. And the structure as a whole is so stable that the Hoop can rapidly brought back into its perfect shape.
"My Hoopomania Light / Weight Hoop is falling apart while swinging: What has happened?"

In order to ensure that the Hula Hoop does not fall apart during the swinging movements, you should already pay attention during the assembly that all parts are properly and firmly fixed. This is always the case when you hear a click sound. The sound shows that the snap button is locked as the basis for stability. Check after the click again if a firm grip is really given.
Rarely, it may happen that the comfort-giving foam looks out a little too far out and then it may be more difficult to connect two parts. To prevent this, you can slide the foam coating to the side so that it no longer interferes. Use our helpful video to see how to the Light and Weight Hoop by Hoopomania can be assembled professionally.
Do not get annoyed about problems and please contact us directly: Should the described procedure not lead to the desired success, please call immediately our support so that we can fix the problem as soon as possible. Usually, we will replace defective parts without problems so you can use your Hula Hoop with full energy soon again.