Polypropylen Hula Hoop

Polypropylene hula hoops are not suitable for beginners, since these hula hoops are much too easily and Hula Hoop novices can use it very difficult to circumvent. This Polypro Hoops are intended and suitable only for experienced and professional Hooper. Polypro Hulas are very light and give something to, so they are perfect for hoop dance, circus, juggling or events of any kind. With polypropylene hula hoops every show is an unforgettable experience. Our Polypro hula hoops are available in various diameters from 50 cm to 100 cm and in many different colors.

Foldable Hula Hoop Blank, PP (Polypropylene) 19mm, 85/90/95/100cm

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€ 28,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Hula Hoop blank, PP (polypropylene) 16 mm, different colors, 100/90/80/70/60/50cm

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starting from € 19,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Hula Hoop Blank, PP (Polypropylene) 19mm, colored, 100/90/80/70/60/50cm

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starting from € 21,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Plastic tube made of PP (polypropylene) 16 mm, transparent, sold by the meter

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€ 4,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping
Base price € 4,99 per 1 m

Plastic tube made of PP (polypropylene) 19mm, transparent, sold by the meter

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€ 5,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping
Base price € 5,99 per 1 m

Tube connectors made of PP (polypropylene) 12/16/19mm

Available now!

€ 1,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping
Polypropylene hula hoops
Hula Hoop has developed in a short time become a trend sport. Because you need only the matching hula hoops and plenty of space, so that one abuts it anywhere. For each level of difficulty and the intended use, there are the matching hula. Beginners better choose only a heavier tire from PE. This Hulas can be thanks to their higher weight better keep moving. So Hula Hoop makes from the word go. Hula Hoop professionals access to lighter hula hoops made of polypropylene.

At first it is a bit difficult - even when Hula Hoop!
For beginners and for fitness workout rather Hulas of PE pipe are recommended. They are larger with diameters between 90 cm to 105 cm and more difficult. They can therefore be better swing around the waist when you start exercising. With a weight of 500 grams to 3.1 kilograms tires from PE are optimal for the fitness training. This Hulas are available with or without massage pin, and also with integrated magnets, which are intended to stimulate the self-healing powers.

Professionals have a polypropylene Hula Hoop revolve around the hips.
The Polypro hula hoops is ideal for training for experienced Hooper. Because of their very low weight such Hulas can therefore be used for fine Hoop Dance.
A slight Hula Hoop polypropylene is ideal for Hula Hoop professionals, since the material is elastic and yielding. Thus, these hoops vibrate well and allows exercises at the highest difficulty level. Professional Hula Hooper or artists can use this Hulas very good for their stage performances, z. B. juggling or the Hoop Dance. For Polypro hooping finished Hulas offered in sizes from 50 cm to 100 cm with tube diameters of 16 mm and 19 mm. But it is also possible to make a polypropylene hula hoop itself. Either you buy a tire blank or ordering the PP pipe by the meter. With a connecting element the tube is mated to the hula hoops. The result is a lighter hula hoop, which can be quite specially manufactured to measure.
The Polypro Hula Hoop blank or the tire made of the meter is still covered with the high grip grip tape. This tape prevents that the polypropylene Hula Hoop while swinging slipping fast. It is available in different colors. One has the opportunity to make his tire individually in the favorite color combination. There is even a nachtleuchtendes tape, with which can achieve interesting effects in the dark. This makes the Polypro Hula Hoop at a great tire for professional performances. Polypro hooping is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals.

Hulas HDPE are rugged and very resilient.
For Hoop Dance and Gymnastics also tires of high-quality HDPE are - that is High Density Polyethylene. This Hulas are much lighter than fitness Hulas and available in sizes from 60 cm to 100 cm with 20 mm tubes. Its light weight makes tricky moves and the bright colors of the tires add variety to training and provide additional motivation.

In any case, it is important to choose a Hula in the appropriate size. The rule is: The better you can handle the Hula Hoop, allowed the smaller the hoop can be selected. Beginners are well advised with a heavier tires, and for professionals Hula Hoop is a polypropylene Hula Hoop a very good choice. Thus professionals can achieve their best performance.