Hula Hoop Diet - Eating right

Hula hoops to help you with a diet, but Hooping alone is not enough to lose a few pounds, to keep fit and to bring his body back to new life. A balanced diet is essentially important here. We want to give you a brief overview on this page.

Basic principles of nutrition

1. Fat Reduction

Fat is certainly essential, but no longer plays the fat as the largest energy reserve of our body today the role that ensured the survival in times of famine evolution.On the contrary, the now almost ubiquitous fats are often used in combination with empty carbohydrates, the main cause of overweight and obesity.The consequences are not only - ugly - visible, but extremely hazardous to health; so are overweight and obesity, together with the vessel deposits formed by the Western world, the cause of heart attack and stroke.Currently ongoing research on the relationship between obesity, high blood fat and cancer suggest that here causal relationships exist, but these are not yet fully clarified scientifically.

Animal fats - Vegetable fats

However, we must distinguish between animal fats and vegetable fats.Our bodies decomposed animal and vegetable fats into fatty acids. But here there is one crucial difference: the vegetable fatty acids are essential, ie the body can not produce itself constantly, so we will have to perform to complete and balanced nutrition our bodies. We now know that the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 strengthen the immune system and represent an optimum contactor for our tissues.

In contrast, fatty acids from animal fats are non-essential, which means that our body can produce itself. That he does every time we eat a lot of empty carbohydrates to us, then our metabolism builds the excess carbohydrates into fat for energy storage. This is also the reason for this is that a "low-fat" society like the United States still has a lot to overweight on average. Moreover - and this we know already that contain animal fat cholesterol, which is the main cause of cardiac infarction.So for a balanced diet says first of all reduce animal fats.

For fat reduction, there are so several strategies:

  • Reduction and prevention of animal fats
  • Reduction and prevention of empty carbohydrates
  • Increasingly vegetable fats and oils due to the
  • Essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6

Withdrawal of animal cholesterols and increased uptake of omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids maySo away from meats and fatty meats (pork, duck), to lean chicken (breast) or soy products. Omega3 fatty acids: flaxseed oil, canola oil and olive oil, lots of fish.

2. Fruit and vegetables

Increased percentage of raw food, especially in the area of the intermediate meals and snacks.Away from butter pretzels, salami sandwiches, meat loaf cakes, cake, candy, or even for snacks of fruit salad, salads or just apples and bananas.Advantage: energy supply on fructose, which is clearly not healthy so fast drives than glucose and insulin levels in height, offers a fruit almost unmanageable amount of nutrients, minerals and vitaminsIn an apple alone contains over 200 of such substances.

These are important for our body because they

  • provide energy
  • Lipid metabolism cheer / bring the fat to melt
  • Strengthen our immune system

We generally more vital, more resilient and more powerful.


  • Avoid fast food
  • Reduce of empty carbohydrates
  • Low-fat diet


  • salads
  • fruit salads
  • Fruits and vegetables in any form, best: raw food
  • Froops, smoothies

You should read their daily serving of fruits and vegetables in the hustle and bustle of everyday life at home, so now can in almost all cities in the Bio-bars reasonably priced fruit, ready-to-fruit salads, Froops or smoothies, which are usually even with the fruits of the own choice can even arrange to be purchased. Note, however, that the additional sugar beverages not been fed!

3. Higher proportion of proteins

Many forget that proteins are in most cases only in meat and animal products exist, but are also found abundantly in milk and dairy products, legumes, true protein bombs and also in whole grains and whole grain products. One thing must be kept in mind when protein intake: the products should contain as little fat in itself and should be combined in any case with other fatty foods.

Examples of such a No Go would be:

  • Sandwich of white baguette sandwiches with salami and plenty of fat cheese (there helps a salad or a slice of tomato nothing more)
  • Butter pretzel with thick butter on it
  • Roast pork with dumplings are real calorie bombs with an unhealthy mixture of fats, proteins and carbohydrates empty

The beloved kebab as well as the beloved pizza with salami, ham, cheese or tuna. Orient yourself again! Here and now, not in the weekend, next month, or when the next spring is coming! At the thought of proteins should no longer think of us only meat / or primarily, but healthier because often much less fatty alternatives:

  • low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese
  • low-fat dairy products like skim milk cheese for example,
  • Lentils, beans, heirs, chickpeas (who must be prepared delicious!)
  • Whole grains
  • Tofu and other soy products

All kinds of fish that contain even in the richer variant lots of valuable Omega 3 fatty acids. And if it does not go without meat, then in healthier shape than low-fat poultry such as chicken or turkey, but both without skin, because that itself contains a lot of fat. Often the combination of vegetable and animal protein increases the protein utilization in the body significantly.
Such combinations are

  • Potatoes and cottage cheese
  • Potato and lentil salad (delicious spiced with curry)
  • Omelette with green beans
  • tofu

Of course, should not miss a balanced and properly dosed number from vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Combine a balanced diet with our hula hoops and the only way you can effectively change something in your eating habits and your body and lose weight with the Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop Calories?
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