Cupping is a very ancient form of alternative medicine that was already used in China 2000 years ago. Cupping helps to mobilize the flow of blood and to promote the healing process as well. There are different forms of cupping; they all have in common the low air pressure principle. We offer you different high quality cupping sets in order to enjoy the benefits of this traditional method at home.

Cupping set M016 Cupping massage therapy

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BellaBambi Solo+ Silicon suction cups incl. massage oil

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BellaBambi Trio silicon cupping set

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BellaBambi Solo Silicon suction cups

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BellaBambi Duo+ Silicon suction cups incl. massage oil

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DoloTherm muscle oil for massages with BellaBambi

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If you attach great importance to Chinese remedies, such as the cupping, you should even look at us. You may be able to be inspired by a Schröpfset from us so you can practice a special vacuum massage at home itself if necessary. The lenses are made of plastic or glass, so you can not go wrong absolutely. Activate the body's own substances, so they virtually detoxify itself. So you can in fact sustained even strengthen your own immune system. By improving your own blood flow through the vacuum cupping, you can keep the body healthy sustainable.

No chemical side effects
Save yourself chemical agents with side effects and put you on a relaxing cupping. If you do not want the same order a whole cupping case, you can also choose from our range of glasses for the fire cupping.

Help with digestive problems, asthma and flu
On the cupping you can set, for example, if you suffer from a cold or the flu, or acute bronchitis or asthma. Many people who suffer from a chronic inflammation of the throat or tonsillitis, could already be helped by the cupping. If you have digestive problems or rheumatic complaints, you can try with this traditional Chinese healing technique, it also once. Even if you fight against cellulite, you can expect improvements.

Against cellulite and orange peel

Cellulite is the medical term for a clinical picture for which the vernacular has also coined the unflattering term cellulite. The name derives from the visual appearance of the orange with its Dell-shaped surface. The harmless in principle, but rather unsightly lesion is mainly observed on the thighs and crotch area and affects almost exclusively women. Although the intensity and extent of the unpleasant phenomenon is due to the plant and accordingly occur familial, have the fifth decade of life more than 80 percent of women on the unsightly lesions below the waist at.

Causes and connections
For women affected by it may be a consolation that it is not a symptom, but a purely cosmetic problem in their cellulite. As a result of estrogen-related connective tissue loses the female skin in the middle phase of life increasingly elasticity. The skin becomes thinner and stretchable, the dreaded dimples emerge. The likelihood of cellulite reinforced, moreover, by an increased percentage of body fat, which for reasons of pregnancy and lactation for millions of years by an average of 25 percent higher than that of men in women.

More promising treatment approach
Cupping is a proven naturopathic healing methods, which can look back on a thousand-year long tradition. In combating their orange skin, women use time immemorial this in contrast to conventional medicine side effect and pain-free method of healing. The cupping create a negative pressure on the skin surface, which produces a pleasant warmth and blood flow increases. After cupping the skin appears depending on the duration and intensity of treatment pink light to reddish and after only a few applications significantly firmer. If you are setting up the cupping regularly on your skin affected by cellulite, stimulates the metabolism, thereby reducing the underlying connective tissue lasting liftet and rejuvenated. The cupping glasses are available in different sizes and can be tailored perfectly to the dimensions of the affected skin area. If you are able to treat your problem areas daily for ten to fifteen minutes in this way, should be prepared after a few weeks the first successes.