Hoopomania Cupping set massage therapy

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This cupping glass set made of high quality and easy to clean plastic is supplied in an attractive color box. It is suitable to cup according to the doctor’s recommendation.

The history of cupping:
The century old cure was already being used in Chinese medicine 2000 years ago, over 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia and also in classical Antiquity by Greek and Egyptian doctors. Cow horns were used earlier as a cupping aid.

Mode of action:
Cupping belongs to the detoxification procedures and can be used completely without any side effects. The success of this cure is based on activating endogenous substances and on strengthening the immune system. The nerve connections between the inner organs and the skin effect a functional organ disturbance being able to trigger pain which can be felt on the surface of the skin. Cupping is an effective method to counteract these symptoms. Certain skin reflex zones and acupuncture points are sensitive and can be stimulated. If these skin reflex zones are treated, the relevant organ is positively influenced in its function. This effect cannot be achieved through medicaments or other pharmaceutical products.

Non-invasive cupping
Non-invasive or even dry cupping is successful by the skin being oiled on the cupping places. The cupping glasses are placed on the skin and a vacuum is created by means of a suction pump. The skin is not damaged but treated until the skin and subcutaneous tissue is lightly sucked in. This suction process through the vacuum created effects an increased blood flow. The cupping glasses should remain stuck to the skin for some time. This is achieved through careful oiling.

The cupping massage, another form of non-invasive cupping, initially treats large areas of the skin with massage oil. After this the cupping glasses are slowly directed over the skin reflex zones following the line of the muscles. This method has a by far stronger effect on the blood flow than a classical massage.

Wet cupping
Wet cupping serves the purpose of thinning the blood, its ability to flow is to be promoted. The existing toxins are excreted from the body with the blood, as was intended in earlier times with bloodletting. The skin is thereby initially slit, then the cupping glasses places on the skin.

Diseases that can be treated with cupping:
Heatstroke (treatment after heatstroke), diarrhoea, headaches, cerebro-vasculare diseases, arthritis, colds, bone surgery diseases, gynaecological diseases, childrens diseases, acute tonsillitis, chronic pharyngitis, toothache, tingling, etc.

24 plastic cupping glasses in various sizes
    4x B01 inner diameter 58mm, outer diameter 68mm
    4x B02 inner diameter 50mm, outer diameter 68mm
    6x B03 inner diameter 42mm, outer diameter 52mm (2 pieces curved for joints, elbows)
    6x B04 inner diameter 35mm, outer diameter 44mm (2 pieces curved for joints, elbows) 
    2x B05 inner diameter 24mm, outer diameter 36mm
    2x B06 inner diameter 22mm, outer diameter 30mm
12 magnets
Vacuum pump with tube incl. accessories

Cupping glasses: Polystyrene
Box: color box
Box dimensions: L34cm, W25cm, H8cm

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