How to hula hoop

1. If you put apart your legs step-far and you put this firmly on the ground. Thus you receive an optimum balance, you to the wings and turn need. Do not stretch, besides, your knees by you allow to separate the knees always easily stoopedly around the joints relieve.

2. Before you begin with the training, circle without hula Hoop during 1 minute your hips. They thereby avoid back-like movements which can lead to injuries.

3. Take the hula Hoop and pull through him over your head or under your legs, until with you of the hula Hoop in the hip area and belly area is.

4. Hold on with both hands the hula Hoop and attach him in the lower back as if you leant against a wall.

5. Turn as next your hip to the right side

6. Turn your hip again back at the middle and turn at the same time the hula Hoop with a strong push to the left, so that he swings himself around your hip area, belly area and back area. Very importantly is present that of the hula Hoop must be always held waagrecht!

7. While swings itself to the hula Hoop round you, get with rotary and rhythmical movements into the rotation Remember that the first swing with the hand is the most important!

How to Hula Hoop? Learn more about the swinging fitness equipment
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