Hula Hoop for beginners

Hula hoops for beginners of Hoopomania. All are "Made in Germany". These hula hoops are especially good for people who have made very little experience with hooping.

Hoopomania Fitness Hoop, collapsible travel hula hoop 0.6kg

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Beginner Hula Hoop, Ø90/95/100/105cm

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Hula Hoop for beginners - so it is possible!
Hula hoop is fun and again on the rise. But it's just a pleasure when it is well handled properly, otherwise from the initial enthusiasm quickly frustration. Important is the correct selection of the hula hoop tire, because there is more than one model.

Beginner hula hoops!
The hula hoops must be correctly chosen, Hula Hoop beginners should take place only once with a simple, non-filled tires. The tires are available in various designs, materials, size and weight, however, should be tailored to each person. Around it all, but it must be chosen the right size. A rule of thumb is that the tire must be enough in height to the navel or to the hips. Hula Hoop for beginners have to do primarily fun and can be reached only if the hoop for adults has 100 cm in diameter and if a thickness of 2.5 cm is not exceeded.

Hula Hoop for Beginners should not begin with heavy tires, the lighter the tire, the more easily the hoop circling around the body. Hula Hoop with heavy tires is much more strenuous and is used as a rule only in the gym. Children tires from the toyshop are really intended for children to play, they are simply too small and in most cases still poorly finished.

Hula Hoop for beginners!
First, the right hula hoop tires must be available, so the right size and in no way a filling. The clothing plays an essential role, you should prefer close-fitting clothes and not something "herumschlabbert" on the body. Ample space is also important and when it comes, should quietly walk music for it.

It will probably cost a little trouble to make the circles hula hoops around the hips. Nevertheless, the technique can be refined. Would be noted that the tire is not driven in a circular motion of the hips, but the waist is moved back and forth. In which direction the hoop moves is relatively unimportant, some people prefer the left-rotation, while others rotate clockwise.

Of course you can also influence the speed with little power the tire can even slip over the bottom and with a little more "steam" it can rotate on the Po. In the beginning be sure to plan a couple of failed attempts, but also belongs to learn. With practice and patience of the perfect swing will succeed soon.

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