Want to buy a Hula Hoop? Here you will find all the important information before you buy and what to look out for.

What should be considered, when buying a Hula Hoop?
If you want to buy a hula hoop, you should first find out which one is right for you. There is a wide range of hoops to choose from, depending on your goals and needs. The colourful sports equipment is available in many different diameters and with materials such as foam, plastic or metal. You can choose between fitness hoops and gymnastics hoops. Of course, there is also a large selection of colourful hula hoops for children. Even the smallest ones can have fun moving and swinging their hips.

The right Hula Hoop for weight loss and muscle building
If you want to buy a hula hoop that is meant for adults, you first have to think about what you want to use it for. If you want to lose weight, build muscles and burn as many calories as possible, you should buy a hula hoop that is equipped with massage nubs. The massage nubs also tone the abdominal and hip region, are good for digestion and the higher weight of these hoops really boosts the metabolism. Hulahoops with massage nubs are also different and there are various things to look out for. There are hoops made of plastic with nubs made of soft silicone and there are also massage hoops with foam padding. If you are just starting out and want to buy your first Hula Hoop, you should first choose a Hula Hoop with foam, as the massage effect is gentler and the connective tissue can get used to the unaccustomed pressure. However, there are also different versions, which differ mainly in weight.

Overview of the different foam Hula Hoops:

The Hoopomania Light Hoop weighs 1.2 kg and is available in two different colour combinations. This hula hoop is the lightest foam hoop and is recommended for a body weight of up to 65 kg. It consists of 8 individual elements which can be quickly disassembled for transport or easier storage if required. With this beginner Hula Hoop, first successes can be achieved quickly and together with the right diet, the pounds will disappear and the belly will become firmer.

For those with a body weight over 65kg, the Hoopomania Weight Hoop with 1.5 kg in either red/black or orange/grey comes first. This one also has a practical One Click System and soft padding for gentle entry. The mild massage is good for the back and abdomen and at the same time strengthens the muscles of the entire torso, which in turn has positive effects on posture.

The heaviest foam Hula Hoop is the Hoopomania Might Hoop and weighs 2 kg. You should buy this beginner's massage hula hoop if you weigh 85 kg or more. The Might Hoop shines in great blue tones and is also extremely popular with men. The training comfort is also given with this model due to the foam and is suitable for people who are sensitive to pain.

This table can be used as a selection guide to choose an ideal massage hula hoop with a view to your personal starting requirements:

Hoopomania NameTarget groupBody weightMassage factor
Hoopomania Light Hoop 1.2kgBeginnerup to 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Weight Hoop 1.5kgBeginnerfrom 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Booster Hoop 0.85kg - 2.45kgAllAllmild
Hoopomania Might Hoop 2kgAllfrom 85 kgmild
Hoopomania Slim Hoop 0.72kgAllup to 55 kgmild
Hoopomania Body Hoop 0.95kgAll56 - 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Large Hoop 1.8kgAllfrom 65 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Anion Hoop 2.1kgAllfrom 70 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Magnetic Hoop 1.2kgAll60 - 70 kgintensive
Hoopomania Vital Hoop 2.6kgAdvancedfrom 70 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Action Hoop 1.6kgAdvancedfrom 65 kgintensive
Hoopomania Titan Hoop 3.1kgAdvancedfrom 70 kgintensive

The start for the Hoop Dance Workout
Now there are not only hulahoops with massage nubs, but also a wide range of hoops without nubs. These are available with a particularly small but also with a particularly large diameter, so that a variety of different hooping tricks can be practised. If you have decided to do more with the hoop than just hip circles and would like to be able to do whole dances with it at some point, you can buy a hula hoop that has no nubs and is lighter in weight. However, before you start practising tricks, you should first learn the basic technique of hooping. The Hoopomania Hula Hoop for beginners is ideal for this. It is available in a variety of colours and diameters. Unlike the massage hoops, the most important thing to pay attention to with these hoops is the right hoop size. A good guideline for the right size is to measure from the floor to the belly button and choose this length as the diameter. If you are between two sizes, you should buy the Hula Hoop with the larger diameter. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to hold the hoop up in the beginning because you have longer to perform the movement. Advanced hoopers usually choose smaller hoops to practice fast dances. Another advantage of the beginner hula hoop is the colourful grip tape. This increases the grip and thus the hulahoop does not slide down so easily. If you want to transport your new piece of sports equipment to practice in the park, for example, you can make it much smaller thanks to the practical closure and take it with you.

If you would like to buy a hula hoop for your child, you also have a large selection of different models. The differentiation here is mainly in the colours and patterns of the hoops, so that there is a suitable design for every child and the children's eyes will shine. Children's hula hoops are available with glitter, stars or hologram tapes, but also in one colour, which can be decorated together with the children. Massage hoops are not suitable for children and are designed exclusively for adults. In order for children to be successful at hooping, it is important to find out about the right size of the diameter before buying. Our size chart will help you make the right choice:

Heightup to 100cmup to 120cmup to 150cm
Ageup to 4 yearsup to 7 yearsup to 12 years
Hoop ØØ60cmØ65-70cmØ75-80cm

With the right diameter, the foundation is laid for learning to hula hoop. Children learn this mostly playfully, with a lot of trying out all by themselves. If it doesn't work right at the beginning, you can support your child and practise the right technique together. One thing should always be in the foreground: The fun of movement!

If you have made the decision to buy a hula hoop, you are doing something good for your health and fitness. The hula hoop sport can help you lose weight or reduce and prevent back pain. The circular movement addresses a variety of muscles that are often not exercised enough in everyday life, which often leads to pain. This can be improved enormously through continuous training. If you practise hooping for a few minutes every day, you will soon be able to hoop for several minutes at a time without the hoop falling to the ground. Don't give up! Anyone can do it, with a little practice. After a few training sessions, the Hoopomania Hula Hoop Workout can be done comfortably in front of the TV. If you want to buy a Hula Hoop and are still unsure about the right Hula Hoop, you can always contact our support and ask any open questions. The Hula Hoop sport is fun for young and old and many adults still know it from their own childhood. Back then you often had hoops made of wood and now they are modern and you can buy hula hoops made of high quality HDPE or even lighter PP for professional hoopers. These materials are extremely robust and stable for a particularly durable product that will give you pleasure for a long time. The cleaning of the hula hoops is also very easy. They can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.

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