When you think of hoop exercises, you usually think of circling with the hoop. But there are even more possibilities.

Hula Hoop - the old, new trend to bring zest to your life!
Hula Hoop you probably know even from her childhood in which the tires were minutes revolve around their midsection, their arms or legs with playful ease. In no children of colorful tires could not miss! And you would have never thought then that could be a Hula Hoop Workout. Due to its relatively low price and its low space requirement, the hula hoops became a popular fitness machine that adults have rediscovered itself. Some models can be broken down into individual parts so that the hula hoop can be kept up even less space.

Where To Find Hula Hoop exercise instructions?

We offer a wealth of exercise videos and inspires you to follow suit. On YouTube there are hula hoop exercise instructions for beginners and advanced. Let yourself be carried away and try out the various hula hoop exercises out! You need nothing more than one of our hula hoops, enough motivation and patience.

What hula hoop exercises are there?

Hula Hoop Exercise In addition to the circles around the waist, you can train their arms with arm hula hoops. These are smaller than the standard tire and are especially popular among women to streamline the upper arms. A pleasant side effect is the inclusion and loosening the shoulder and neck muscles when the hula hoop workout for the arms. Especially for people who work at a desk, this is a good recreational sport.
Health benefits you can achieve with very different hula hoop exercises. In addition to training for the midsection, and thus well-trained abdominal, back and butt muscles, bring targeted Hula Hoop Workouts also arms and legs back in shape or strengthen quite different muscle groups. Regular hula hoop exercises will also improve your posture and body tension. Your stamina will increase noticeably by the rapid movements and your metabolism gets a proper boost.

What clothing is recommended for the exercises?

Breathable clothing made of natural fibers for preventing a slipping of the Hula Hoop with massage nubs and on the other hand it protects their skin from overuse by the Hula Hoop. As a beginner, you can easily pass it. In loose clothing or belts, the tire can get caught, what the exercise fun brakes. Long hair tie best together into a braid. Thus the targeted hula hoop workout, nothing stands in your way!

Which tire variants are there?

In addition to the smaller hula hoops for children there is also a wide range of adult tire. A slightly higher weight of the tire is necessary to prevent the slipping of the hoops, but the tires should not be too hard, otherwise the effort while exercising is too high.

Hoops with massage nubs massage the abdomen, hip and waist fabric and support the training by streamlining the massaged tissue. Massage tires are available with knobs made of various materials, such as silicone or magnet.

The better you are trained, the more difficult it can be tires.

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