The Hula Hoop calorie consumption can be very high depending on the intensity and can make excess pounds fall off

Which muscles does Hula Hoop train and how many kcal are consumed in Hula Hoop training?

Train specific muscles with Hula Hoop and activate your own fat burning process 
Playing with the Hula Hoop tire is a fun activity for young and old. The plastic tyre can be used for much more than just playing. By correct training Hula Hoop builds muscles and activates at the same time the own fat burning. However, in order to train muscles with Hula Hoop, certain conditions must be met.

Simple fitness machine with great effect 
The Hula Hoop tire is a popular toy for children and adults. However, it does not only have to be used for playing, because it trains different parts of the body. In contrast to other fitness equipment, the tyre looks extremely simple, but is at the same time always ready for use, light and inexpensive. A wide range of different tyres is now available. While the majority of colorful tires used to be made of plastic or wood, nowadays models with weights, magnets or massage studs are even offered. In addition, battery-operated models are available, which are intended to provide hours of fun and sports fun. The battery-operated versions generate a slight vibration which stimulates the trained body parts and enables an even more effective workout.

Targeted whole body training 
In order to train muscles with the Hula Hoop tire, no special precautions have to be taken. The simple movements require different parts of the body, so not even light warm-up exercises are necessary. The swing with the tire in the middle of the body trains mainly the stomach, but can also be included in your own whole body training. The circular movements with the hips also help to strengthen the back and gluteal muscles as well as the legs. They also tighten the connective tissue, which reduces cellulite. Hula Hoop tyres do not only have to be used individually. The colorful tires can be easily combined with other sports to achieve unique training results. The trend sport Hoopilates is particularly popular. It combines Pilates and Hula Hoop so that several parts of the body can be used with a single workout.

Hula Hoop as a warm-up workout 
If you don't want to use Hula Hoop as your own workout, you can use it as a warm-up. As many different parts of the body are trained, but not too much is demanded of them, the muscles are preheated for further training sessions. This reduces the risk of overstraining the muscles during training and injury. A few minutes of Hula Hoop is sufficient as a warm-up, as the abdominal and back muscles are well prepared by the constant movements. However, if Hula Hoop is to lead to success as your own training, the training should last at least 15 minutes. A Hula Hoop tire for adults should also be used. If you like, you can do the training daily and combine it with other sports as you like.

Burning fat through rhythmic movements 
The use of Hula Hoop tires not only helps to strengthen your own muscles. By the constant rhythmic movements the own fat burning is stimulated. The number of calories burned varies according to the type of tyre and the movements performed. Basically it is possible to burn up to 500 kcal per hour with the right movements in combination with a suitable workout and at the same time to build up muscles effectively. If you are interested in burning even more calories with Hula Hoop, you can try the Hot Hula dance workout. The workout combines the typical movements of the Hula Hoop with Polynesian drum sounds, so that the flowing movements take on even more body parts. The trend sport makes it possible to burn between 500 and 900 calories per hour.

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