The Hula Hoop is the optimal sport to loosen up tense muscles caused by office work and to relieve back pain.

Hula Hoop Training
Most people spend their day with unilateral or few movements. Prolonged sitting in the office, standing work or heavy lifting are not just good for health. The human body is a movement, and in medicine is growing evidence that regular exercise is essential for health. The lack of movement also means that more and more people are overweight leads. Whosoever therefore to decide to integrate more sport or gymnastics in his life, you are spoiled for choice of many sports. The Hulahoop training is one of them, and the movement with the hula hoop is also especially good for losing weight. They especially like the small pockets of fat hide precisely around in the area around the hips and abdomen. Often, the muscles at this point in life are hardly required to little or only on one side. So it can also lead to tensions, which affect the entire body. By Hulahoop training these problems can be created easily from the world. And it's also great fun to circle his Hoola Hoop.

Hula hoop
Hula-Hoop-wheel To start with the Hulahoop, you need of course once the best tires. For each training purposes there are the best tires here. The smart combination of gymnastic hoops and massage tires doubles the effect of training. Pimples on the Hula Hoop ensure the massage effect. A higher number of studs intensifies the effect of the massage.

For sensitive people, we recommend the foam-cushioned Hoola Hoop, prevent the formation of bruises under the skin, tend to some people. These bruises on the hip that may occur at the beginning of the training, it is the way to the only injury that the Hula Hoop brings.
Who wants to train intensively his muscles, can also draw on the Hulahoop tire with integrated weights. Then metabolism and fat burning are strongly addressed by training. A very special effect have the hula hoop with magnets. Here the proven healing power of magnetic fields is used to address the body holistically. Especially in states of exhaustion and burn out these hula-hoops have proven. The use of magnetic stripe stimulates the release of important chemicals and activates the body's own healing powers. To the hoops: Hoopomania Hoops with massage nubsHoopomania Hoops for beginners

Buy hula hoop

When buying a Hula hooping there are taken into account various factors. The purpose of the training also plays a role as your own body weight and personal prior experience in Hulahoop area.Buy Hula Hoop
For beginners important to know: With large and heavy tires Hulahoop find it easier to learn the Hulahoop. Nevertheless bring very heavy Hoola Hoop it with lightweight man course with that bruising occur faster because the protective fat pad missing.
But whoever has too many of these cushions may have recourse to the start of training on a heavier tire.
The size of hula hooping should be based on the body size. The rule of thumb here is that the hula hoop should reach from the floor to the belly.
Anyone who has a lot of practice, can also use smaller hula hoop. To later expand training with the Hulahoop yet, different programs like the Hoop Dance on or rehearsing circus tricks offer with hoops.Further information can be found here: Hooping tricks for beginnersHula Hoop Dance WorkoutOn-Body and Off-Body Hooping

The hula hoop of Hoopomania help beginners and lower intermediates choosing the right tire. For beginners especially the Hoopomania Light Hoop, the Slim Hoop and Body Hoop suitable, said Slim Hoop was developed for very lightweight people up to 55 kg. People with increased obesity should use at the beginning of their training on the Hoopomania Large or anion hoop.
Later can buy hula hoop advanced then the heavy hula hoop. Action Hoop, Vital Hoop or Titan Hoop are used. A clear table, as well as further helpful information can also be found on the page "Hula Hoop - which is the right one".
With all these tires a direct training start is immediately possible. Whether indoors or outdoors. Requires only a sufficiently large area is to be able to move freely with the Hulahoop. Then you can start already having fun with the Hulahoop starts, and the body is really in vibration.

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