Hula Hoops

Most people know hula hoops certainly from her childhood, where it has been tried again and again to be circling him as long as possible around the hips.
This is for children of course primarily a great fun - but did you also know that Hula Hooping may also be a serious athletic training, which allows you to effectively shape your character?

Hula hooping - more than just a toy for children
Hula hoops are an equally simple but brilliant exerciser to playful forms its own character and can get rid of some excess fat. At the beginning you descend into the tire and first starts him to bring in a circular motion from the hip in momentum. The faster the tire is, the less force is required - instead, you need the right technology, and certainly also the condition to keep the tires after moving.

Since the 1950s, the first colorful hula hoops to develop tires which consisted of plastic and manifest itself in a variety of colors. Also, in the texture and shape, there are now numerous variants. Ultramodern Hula Hoops tires are fitted for example with studs for a better grip or with vibration. To this day, is often underestimated how effective can be with such a simple tire training. For children, it is just a toy for adults a fun way, in between doing something for the character.

Hula Hula hoop: train effectively with the Hoop Dance and more
The times when hooping hula was only as children's toys, are long gone. Nowadays, most gyms have a good range of training tire, but also in the private sector can be the Hula Hoops use wonderful - who would only tighten his stomach and shape the waist, can with regular exercise and Hoop Dance therefore often entirely forego the gym ,

That there is a serious sport in Hula Hula hoop, already shows the very fact that hula hoops play an important role in Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Here you will notice very quickly that for lasting training not only fitness, but also coordination, balance assets and muscle strength are needed. The movements of the hip must finally be carried out continuously, otherwise the tires fall off.

So if you want to use hula hoop to detach themselves should first buy a stable tire and go with it in a room with enough freedom of movement. Now you swing the tire around the waist and immediately begins with the circular motion to continue to keep it going. After a few seconds you will notice how fast the training is strenuous and how much force is needed to keep the tire in motion.

A tip, therefore, is to increase gradually and to keep trying, to keep him at every workout a little longer. To train approximately two to three times a week for an hour with the tire, you will see the first results, at best, just a few weeks: The waist is tighter, the abdominal muscles strengthen and unsightly flab reduced.

So if you effectively do something for his character, but do not want to go to the gym, hits exactly the right choice with the hula hoops.