Poison Hula Hoop by Hoopomania, collapsible Ø90/95/100/105cm

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With this entry-level Hula Hoop, you will enjoy sport completely new!
You have already heard of the Hula Hoop fitness movement which reaches more and more hips? Would you like to discover this trend sport in order to get yourself and your body in a better shape? With this special beginner Hula Hoop, you will be able to swing your hips! Hula Hooping embodies a holistic training form with a variety of health effects that you will feel. And as this large Hula ring is collapsible, you will still be able to take it anywhere you want to work out. Special plug-in connections allow you to reduce the size considerably with just a few steps, so that a collapsible Hoop like this can find place in many sports bags or even in the suitcase (that’s why it’s also called Travel Hoop). Every Hula Hoop is handmade in Germany, you opt for a high quality product. Robust, yet flexible materials provide an impressive training experience with high comfort. The hologram design also provides visual highlights while you swing the hips to the rhythm of the music.

Enjoy Hula Hooping with maximum flexibility and athletic efficiency
  • optimal beginner Hula Hoop hanks to a selectable diameter
  • recommended exercise equipment for gymnastics and Dance Hooping
  • space-saving transport options: the construction is collapsible thanks to special plug-in connections
  • high quality and flexible materials ensure robust efficiency
  • foldable Hoop: quality product, handmade in Germany
  • noticeable help: Grip tape increases the level of adhesion so that the Hoop won’t slip quickly
  • regular Hula Hoop workouts bring your whole body into a better shape
  • attractive colors and the hologram tape give every Hoop an exciting look
Collapsible Hoop: Why this model is the ideal beginner Hula Hoop
As this innovative Hula ring is foldable, you can store it easily in a larger bag. When ordering, you can choose a diameter to ensure an optimal fit. Please note that larger diameters are generally easier to control for beginners. The functional highlight, however, that predestines this model for beginners, is the integrated grip tape. On the inside, it ensures a noticeable increase in the grip level so that the Hoop can be kept up much easier in the beginning. Beginners love this support which is very important for the motivation. You will soon have learned the technique and not want to work out without your new sports partner. Simply fold it together as shown in the product video and enjoy moving moments wherever you want it!

Sport with joy of life: With this functional athletic device, you will enjoy a perfect and, above all, collapsible base to swing your hips powerfully!

Diameter: 90/95/100/105 cm
Material: PE-80, Hologram tape, Grip tape
Tube diameter: approx. 2.5 cm
Weight: 440-656 g
Handmade in Germany

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  • EAN: 4260439176059
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