Foldable Beginner Hula Hoop, Ø90/95/100/105cm

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Hula Hoop for beginners: With this Travel Hoop, you can work out everywhere!
You surely have not expected such a Hula Hoop for beginners! Gone are the days of the rigid and wooden toy. An innovative foldable Hula like this is a highly efficient training device allows you to work out the whole body. Enjoy a soothing workout with Hula Hooping, which promotes the whole musculoskeletal system. You will feel yourself better, tighten problem areas and also lose weight by means of regular workouts. Even though this Travel Hoop can have a diameter of up to 105 cm, you will still be able to transport it easily because it can be reduced considerably in size. Special connectors ensure that your new training device will be a foldable Hula Hoop that you can take anywhere with you. Even in the suitcase it can find place, hence the term Travel Hoop. But see for yourself in the product video how you can reduce your Hula Hoop for beginners in size significantly. Due to its large and selectable diameter, this Hula Hoop is literally tailored to your needs. Also the rather high weight contributes to a convincing comfort.

Foldable Hula: more sporting flexibility is hardly imaginable!
  • an ideal Hula Hoop for beginners thanks to a large selectable diameter
  • choose a diameter for ideal starting conditions
  • perfect sports equipment for gymnastic exercises or Dance Hooping
  • despite the foldable design, the construction convinces with robust stability
  • antislip effect: more support and motivation for learning due to grip tape
  • choose from a variety of (neon) colors your highlight
  • Hula Hooping brings you and your body new momentum
  • Travel Hoop function: the size of the Hoop can be halved with just a few steps
  • enjoy space-saving transport and flexible workout options
  • handmade in Germany: only high quality materials are used
Foldable Hula: Enjoy a sporty dimension everywhere
The word to fold gets with this innovative Hula Hoop a completely new, positive dimension! The special tube connector makes it possible to make your large Hula Hoop small. In spite of this flexibility, the robust construction will inspire you with sporty momentum. Specially adapted to the needs of beginners is the integrated grip tape which provides a considerable increase in the adhesion. In that way, it will be easier at the beginning to hold the Hula Hoop up or to control it. Because of that, your motivation is strengthened right at the beginning. Once you know how to Hula Hoop, you will not want to miss your partner anyway.

Fold your sports equipment to take it with you everywhere: a foldable Hula Hoop like this opens up completely new sporty ways!

Diameter: 90/95/100/105 cm
Material: PE-80, Grip tape
Tube diameter: approx. 2.5 cm
Weight: 440-656 g
Colors: Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Red, Gray, White, Brown, Violet
Made in Germany, handmade

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  • EAN: 4260439176035
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