Blue Sky foldable Hoopomania Hula Hoop Ø90/95/100/105cm

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With this Hoopomania Travel Hoop you grab new fitness possibilities
With this product innovation by Hoopomania, we present you a high quality beginner Hula Hoop to learn this sport quickly and with a lot of motivation. Enjoy a challenging workout with Hula Hooping, which literally brings the whole body into motion. With the Hoopomania Travel Hoop, you can reach your personal training goals everywhere. Whether you want to improve your stamina and posture or to improve your problem areas, Hula Hooping will be an exciting pleasure in everyday life. This beginner Hula Hoop (foldable Hoop) impresses with its attractive Blue Sky design. You will choose a high quality product which is carefully handmade in Germany. In this sense, the grip tape applied to the inner side contributes to an increase in the level of adhesion. In this respect, this model is the perfect beginner Hula Hoop, since it makes easier to control the Hoop.

Foldable Hoop: this training partner will easily find a place
  • high quality Hula Hoop for beginners
  • can be perfectly tailored to your own needs by means of selectable diameters
  • attractive eye-catcher: blue sky design (hologram tape)
  • ideal for gymnastics or dance hooping
  • convincing quality: handmade in Germany
  • robust materials ensure a stable construction
  • grip tape facilitates the control of the Hoop (anti-slip effect)
  • foldable Hoop: the size can be halved with just a few steps
  • use flexible and space-saving transport options
A foldable Hoop can accompany you everywhere...
With this Hoopomania Travel Hoop, you will experience what athletic flexibility means. Thanks to innovative plug-in connections, it is possible to reduce the Hula Hoop significantly in size with the help of a few handgrips so that you can take it with you in a space saving way. Our product video shows you how simply the Hoopomania Travel Hoop can be reduced for the transport. In this respect, you can spontaneously decide where and when you want to work out. And even when traveling, you do not have to set aside your new training partner. You can choose from different diameters when ordering in order to ensure perfect conditions right from the start. As a rule, beginners prefer Hoops with lagers diameters. As a rule of thumb, the Hula Hoop should reach up to the belly button when standing. Please also take a look at our hints for selecting the best Hula Hoop for you.

Diameter: 90/95/100/105 cm
Material: PE-80, Hologram Tape, Grip tape
Tube diameter: approx. 2.5 cm
Weight: 440-656 g
Made in Germany, handmade

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