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Cupping has a long history
Cupping is regarded as one of the most tried and tested forms of therapy with apparatus. There are representations of cupping heads already in the Greek and Egyptian ages. Also the oldest Indian medical writing - the Ayurveda - already reports on it. Of course, cupping is also firmly anchored in traditional Chinese medicine. Here you can obtain a high-quality set of cupping glasses, which you can use at home according to a doctor's prescription. Enjoy relaxation in your own four walls with this set of cups.

Cupping - what is behind it and what should you know about it?
With bloodless cupping (offered here), so-called empty gel lots and also cold gel lots are treated. They result from the fact that the blood supply to these gel lots was throttled. During the examination, they can be felt as a dent, or as a cold hardening, or as a slushy, cool skin area. The negative pressure produced by cupping results in a better blood circulation, which lasts for days, with the corresponding increases in metabolism, which can be seen as a step towards normalisation. In addition, as with bloody cupping, the stimulation of the skin receptors (through negative pressure) via the reflex pathways influences the internal organs. With this bloodless dry method, which you can perform with this high-quality cupping set, the cups are placed on oiled body parts. With a pump, which generates vacuum, the blood circulation is purposefully promoted by the negative pressure. The cupping glasses should remain on the skin for some time and be guided slowly along the muscle reflex zones. If a cupping glass is placed on the desired part of the body, the valve of the head must be pulled up. After attaching the pump, the air is pumped onto the glass, creating the negative pressure that has an effect on health. The cupping glasses should remain on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes, at the end simply open the valve to release the glass from the skin. The set contains cupping glasses of different sizes, so that there is a suitable size for every part of the body. The high-quality plastic is robust and offers a high level of hygiene.

Positive side effects due to the treatment with cupping bells:

  • Cupping stimulates lymph flow, metabolism and the immune system.
  • tensions can be released specifically by cupping
  • Cupping therapy can also be used for acne, cellulite and weak connective tissue.
  • increase your own well-being through regular sessions
  • no previous experience necessary, easy handling and application

Targeted use and contraindications of the cupping method
This procedure can be used for many diseases and disorders, e.g. high blood pressure, tension, back pain, ischialgia (lumbago), various forms of headache, liver and biliary diseases and lung diseases. Patients with circulatory problems may experience a temporary drop in blood pressure. Caution is advised, however, if you suffer from the following complaints (so please always consult your treating physician if in doubt): tumours below the skin, tendency to bleed, skin inflammations, acute fracture, state of exhaustion after prolonged illness, pregnancy and open wounds (skin injuries and eczema). These parts of the body should NOT be cupped: on large blood vessels, especially near the heart, on the sensory organs and stomach, as well as in general skin diseases.

6 plastic cups in different sizes
  1x B01 inside diameter 58mm, outside diameter 68mm
  1x B02 inner diameter 50mm, outer diameter 60mm
  1x B03 inside diameter 42mm, outside diameter 52mm
  1x B04 inside diameter 35mm, outside diameter 44mm
  1x B05 inside diameter 24mm, outside diameter 36mm
  1x B06 inner diameter 22mm, outer diameter 30mm
Vacuum pump with tube

Cupping glasses: Polystyrene
Box dimensions: length 24cm, width 13cm, height 8cm

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