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The high-quality cupping set for at home
Cupping therapy, also called Hijama or Hacamat has been successfully used for many years against various health problems and for relaxation. The Hoopomania cupping set is easy to handle and can be used on the whole body without any problems thanks to the extension hose. The premium cupping device stands out especially due to its high-quality case. This way, the cupping glasses and the cupping accessories can be neatly stored away after use or taken along on trips. The vacuum pump of this luxury cupping set is also of particularly high and durable quality.

The cupping effect
Cupping massage is used for a wide variety of symptoms. Cupping the back is particularly popular. More and more people suffer from a tense back or neck, which in turn can lead to pain. During the cupping massage, the cupping bells are placed on the desired part of the body and a vacuum is created by the cupping pump. This can promote blood circulation and relax muscles. In addition, the body can be detoxified in this way and the immune system can also be strengthened. Through the valve, the vacuum can be released again after about 10 - 20 minutes and the cupping glasses can be gently removed from the body. Cupping therapy is therefore an effective healing method without any side effects. Losing weight with cupping is also possible, because the metabolism can be stimulated during cupping massage, which can improve fat loss. Those who suffer from lipedema can also apply the glasses to the arms and legs. The lymphatic flow can be stimulated, which can therefore relieve the symptoms.

Here is a summary of the most common ways in which cupping treatment can help:

  • headache relief
  • detoxification
  • stress relief
  • improve digestion
  • relieve muscle tension
  • promote fat loss
  • improved blood circulation
  • strengthen the immune system
  • increase lymph flow
  • depressive moods
  • reduce cellulite

Easy application and cleaning
No prior knowledge is required to use the cupping set. Cupping instructions are available online and can be easily downloaded. However, care should be taken not to use on inflammation, open wounds, other skin conditions, during pregnancy or on large blood vessels. If you are unsure, it is best to consult a doctor before treatment.
As the cupping glass is applied to bare skin, appropriate hygiene is extremely important. The cupping glasses are made of robust polystyrene and can be cleaned with a damp cloth after the cupping massage. Afterwards, they should also be disinfected.

Painless cupping application
There are three different cupping methods. There is the bloody and the bloodless cupping. With bloody cupping, the desired area is slightly scratched with a needle beforehand, but this can lead to inflammation due to the open wound. This premium cupping set is suitable for bloodless cupping. In addition, there is also the cupping massage. Here, the part of the body to be treated is oiled or creamed beforehand. The cupping glasses can then glide over the skin and the classic massage is intensified. This is also possible with the Hoopomania cupping device. The bloodless cupping usually does not cause any pain. Only bruises may appear after the application, but these are normal and desirable. These usually disappear after about a week.

- 20 cupping glasses in different sizes
    - 4x B01 inner diameter 58mm, outer diameter 68mm
    - 4x B02 inner diameter 50mm, outer diameter 60mm
    - 6x B03 inner diameter 42mm, outer diameter 52mm (2 pieces curved for e.g. joints, elbows)
    - 6x B04 Inner diameter 35mm, outer diameter 44mm (2 pieces curved for e.g. joints, elbows)
- 12 magnets
- high quality vacuum pump with extension hose
- premium case

Material of the cupping glasses: polystyrene (BPA-free)
Packaging dimensions: 30.5 x 24.5 x 9cm

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