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Hoopomania - swing yourself fit!
The new Hoopomania weight hoop is a successful innovation, which was created from the standard massage hoops and the simple gymnastic hoops. The Hoopomania weight hoop is perfectly suited for all people sensitive to pain. Since the hoop is only equipped with a few knobs, yet it weighs 1.5 kilograms. This means it is relatively heavy which is beneficial for training with the Hula Hoop. However, in order to minimise the pain threshold when hooping, the whole Hula Hoop has been covered with foam, which also prevents the hoop slipping when swinging during training.
The effects:
  • weight loss & fat burning
  • firming up the stomach, bottom and hip tissue
  • slender waist and a strong back
  • improved posture
  • improved coordination
  • strengthened digestive system
  • stimulation of the blood circulation and metabolism
An effective massage of the stomach as well as the back muscles takes place when training with the Hoopomania weight hoop. In this way the Hula Hoop helps in intensifying the metabolism of the body and promoting fat reduction in the cells, which promotes quicker fat burning in the waist area as well as basically a purification of the body. Furthermore, joint mobility is improved through training with the Hula Hoop and the digestive system is strengthened permanently and without needing any medication. In addition the embedded massage knobs from the hoop massage the hip and stomach area in a very targetted way, thus supporting the metabolism and stimulating the blood circulation.
Your advantages at a glance:
  • very good for people sensitive to pain
  • pleasant training feeling due to the foam cover
  • fewer massage knobs minimise the pain
  • effective massage of the stomach and back muscles
  • easy and simple assembly & disassembly

Through the Hoopomania weight hoop and the simple yet very effective exercises carried out with the hoop, your unloved problem areas will soon become a thing of the past. Within only one week you will look and feel the first results, not only in terms of your weight but also on your physique and posture.

Another advantage of the Hoopomania weight hoop is that it can be taken apart in 8 small pieces making it really fit into any travel bag. Therefore you can take the hoop with you wherever you go, whether it's to the office, on holiday or to the park. You can do your exercises there and don't have to stay at home.

Hoopomania table:
Hoopomania NameTarget groupBody weightMassage factor
Hoopomania Light Hoop 1.2kgBeginnerup to 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Weight Hoop 1.5kgBeginnerfrom 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Booster Hoop 0.85kg - 2.45kgAllAllmild
Hoopomania Might Hoop 2kgAllfrom 85 kgmild
Hoopomania Slim Hoop 0.72kgAllup to 55 kgmild
Hoopomania Body Hoop 0.95kgAll56 - 65 kgmild
Hoopomania Large Hoop 1.8kgAllfrom 65 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Anion Hoop 2.1kgAllfrom 70 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Magnetic Hoop 1.2kgAll60 - 70 kgintensive
Hoopomania Vital Hoop 2.6kgAdvancedfrom 70 kgMild-intensive
Hoopomania Action Hoop 1.6kgAdvancedfrom 65 kgintensive
Hoopomania Titan Hoop 3.1kgAdvancedfrom 70 kgintensive
Regardless of whether you are at home or outside, training with the Hoopomania weight hoop ensures not only a great deal of exercise and promotes your health but it is also a lot of fun.

Parts: 8 pieces
Diameter: 100cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Colour: orange, grey / black, red

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