Hoopomania Shapewear belt for training with the hula Hoop, Medium

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Together they are an unbeatable team: the Hoopomania Shapewear belt and the Hula Hoop. The wide neoprene belt in two different colours and with the practical Velcro fastening generates heat all around your stomach as well as your hips and waist due to its material. Neoprene is a material that protects from cold and generates heat and is therefore a popular choice in all types of water sports. The heating feature of neoprene supports the effect of the Hoopomania Shapewear belt. When training additional heat is generated, which increases the training effect to such an extent that the fat reduction around stomach and waist is promoted in a targeted way and the metabolism in general is stimulated.

The Hoopomania Shapewear belt supplements and intensifies the training with the Hula Hoop. At the beginning of the training with the Hula Hoop, the Hoopomania Shapewear belt provides padding for the waist area. Since the massage balls attached to the Hula Hoop are often felt by a beginner as a source of pressure, which is softened due to the padding with the Hoopomania Shapewear belt. The Hula Hoop as well as the Hoopomania Shapewear belt are part of a well thoughtt-out concept. It is the massage balls of the Hula Hoop in particular that train the muscles all around the stomach and back, on the thighs and bottom area and strengthen the tissue through the compressions.

Advantages of the Shapewear belt:
  • reduces pain when Hooping;
  • avoids bruises when training with the Hula Hoop;
  • clearly reduces the waist circumference and other problem areas around the waist;
  • clearly reduces stretch marks and cellulite.
In order to get the body used to the unusual compressions of the massage balls of the Hula Hoop, the Hoopomania belt is recommendable since it cushions and reduces the pressure. Along with the cushioning effect, it generates heat due to its material around the stomach and back area as well as all around hips and waist, which favours fat reduction in these areas and stimulates the metabolism. On the whole the body is stabilised through wearing the Hoopomania belt and posture improved in training. Those who consistently train with this successful duo - Hula Hoop plus Hoopomania belt, will clearly reduce their waist circumference and in addition those unsightly stretch marks. Your waist will become a waist again and your own body will become shapely and attractive. These are the results that make the training worthwhile.

Yet the Hoopomania Shapewear belt can do even more. It can be worn in every training session, in fitness training, in jogging, yes even when doing housework or when sleeping. It intensifies the effect during all activities. The respective width can be comfortably adapted to your waist and hips due to the Velcro fastening. The Hoopomania Shapewear belt disappears invisibly under your clothing and forms a shapely waist.

Width: 25cm
Length: M 90cm (stretch size 100cm)
Thickness: 5mm
Colour: black, pink
Material: Neoprene 100%
Washable: hand wash

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