Hula Hoop carrier bag, white

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Hula Hoop carrier bag, white
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Carrier bag for Hula Hoop: Take your fitness from now on into your hands!
From now on, there will be no more excuses if you want to get into better shape with energetic enjoyment of life. We offer your different Hula Hoops to make a choice that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Thanks to functional plug connections, some models can be disassembled into their individual parts with just a few simple steps. This opens up flexible transport options even for large models. So far, you may have improvised to be able to transport all the individual parts comfortably. But with this new Hula Hoop carrier bag, you can finally use a professional and functional solution. It convinces with a simple, yet recognizable sporting design. It has handy dimensions, but all parts even of a larger Hula Hoops can still be stored in it.

The main product advantages of this trendy Hula Hoop carrier bag:
  • This carrier bag offers enough space for all individual parts of a dismantled Hula Hoop
  • practical handle to carry your Hula Hoop easily
  • Cotton an easy-care material for a busy everyday life
  • Fashionable combinability: the sporting design fits every outfit
  • Ideal for space-saving storage of Hula Hoops (when not in use)
I pack my Hula Hoop bag... and enjoy an efficient workout everywhere
This could be your new fitness motto which you can now live more flexibly than ever with this practical bag for Hula Hoops. Discover new sporting liberties with this Hula Hoop carrier bag. You can take your fitness Hoop with you everywhere and enjoy your workout in the park, for example, to use a special atmosphere in harmony with the nature. You may also want to take your fitness Hoop with you on vacation to let your hips swing even on the beach. This is no longer a problem with this practical helper. This Hula Hoop bag is also ideal if you want to store the Hula Hoop safely, space-saving and immediately at hand when not in use.

Take your fitness from now on into your own hands with this Hula Hoop carrier bag wherever you go. Matching Hula Hoops, that can be disassembled in a few simple steps, can be found with just a few clicks!

Suitable for the following Hula Hoops:
  • Hoopomania Light Hoop 1.2kg (HM-LH)
  • Hoopomania Weight Hoop 1.5kg (HM-WH)
  • Hoopomania Might Hoop 2.0kg (HM-MH)
  • Hoopomania Slim Hoop 0.72kg (HM-108)
  • Hoopomania Body Hoop 0.95kg (HM-109)
  • Hoopomania Magnetik Hoop 1.2kg (HM-112)
  • Hoopomania Action Hoop 1.6kg (HM-116)
  • Hoopomania Profi Hoop 1.1kg(HM-800)
Hula Hoops are not part of this article, only the Hoopomania carrier bag FOR Hoopomania Hula Hoops.

Colour: white
Material: 100% cotton
Dimensions: approx. Ø 20cm, height 40cm

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