Kinesiology tape, elastic bandage for physiotherapy

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Discover this functional kinesiology tape as a perceptible benefit in everyday life
You may well know some painful health problems such as, for example, tight muscles or overused ligaments and joints. In addition to the sometimes painful symptoms, energy can also be lost in everyday life if movements cause pain. This kinesiology tape is a health conscious recommendation in this respect: it helps noticeably to relieve muscles, ligaments and joints. Due to its breathable and air-permeable nature, a high wearing comfort is provided, so that you will not feel the tape as disturbing. In addition, it allows a high degree of flexibility in movement because the integrated glue ensures a high degree of elasticity. It should be pointed out that the tape can be used for different areas of the body individually and precisely. Thus, you have the possibility to specifically relieve certain body areas and also to improve your posture sustainably.

Kinesiology tape: all advantage in a compact overview
  • high quality product with flexible possibilities of use
  • convincing wearing comfort thanks to elastic glue and 100% cotton
  • kinesiology tapes relieve and support joints and muscles
  • excellent adhesive properties allow longer wearing times (without loss of tension and peeling of the edges)
  • breathable and skin-friendly
  • different colors are available
  • individual fit can be assured by choosing a suitable width
  • correct use: included is also a PDF kinesiology tape guide
Kinesiologie tape instructions: We'll show you how to use it right!
With this product, you opt for a noticeable health care in everyday life. Whether you do sports or use it as support in your 'moving' everyday life, with this Kinesiology tape, you can support your whole muscular-skeletal system. In addition to choosing a color, you can also choose from two different widths, thus ensuring the best possible individual fit. This Kinesiology tape has also proved its efficiency in purposes of rehabilitation. On the one hand, an excessive over-stressing is prevented and on the other hand, false postures can be restricted. This product has been designed to provide the best possible comfort in every respect. The thermoplastic acrylic adhesive also persists over a longer period of time, with no loss of tension or unwanted detachment of the edges. Please note that a kinesiology tape guide is included in the delivery (available for download). In this way, we want to ensure that you apply the tape properly to achieve noticeable effects. Please use this health product as a literal support, which is by no means a substitute for doctors or physiotherapists.

Get with this Kinesiology tape a high quality, flexible and above all noticeable support for an eventful everyday life!

Material: 100% cotton
Width: 2.5 or 5 cm (optional)
Length: 5 m
Colors: black, white, dark blue, red, green
Elasticity: 140-170 %
Weight: 85 g

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  • Content: 5,00 m
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