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Hoopomania "Half Toe" anti-slip yoga socks with rubber studs, black

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Hoopomania Back Support, back stretcher in 4 different versions

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Kinesiology tape, elastic bandage for physiotherapy

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Fitness-Tankini-Top Delfin Spa with Bio-Keramik, black/pink

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Surely you did not expect, what great heat effect the material has neoprene on your skin. Put on bio ceramic fibers and try it, for example, once with the capri pants "Delfin" if you like to play sports. In the event that you prefer the shorter version, you can order a similar product as shorts. Bio-ceramic, you can also carry around as a top fitness tankini top - locate easily the desired color in black and blue or black and pink from.

Always make a good impression
Before you make a poor figure at the next yoga class because you slip, you can order from us the right equipment in the form of anti-slip socks with rubber studs the same. You want to admire your painted toenails? Then possibly could be something for you to run "Half-Toe"

Improve coordination and enjoy the winter
Improve your coordination, so you'll never again feel like a bull in a china shop and get for the helpful Balance Mat for an optimized coordination training. Thus, your butt does not "sit flat" in the truest sense of the word, you can also just keep an eye on the balance cushion with massage nubs in our online shop. Leave your skis are in the winter and nozzles with the Luge Stiga Snow Racer the mountain in winter down when you are "different" like.

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