Hoopomania Speed Rope I, professional jump rope

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With this innovative Speed Rope, you will enjoy skipping in an ultimate dimension
If you still or only know skipping from childhood, you should refresh your memories with this innovative Speed Rope: The length can be flexibly adapted to ensure the perfect conditions for an effective workout pleasure. In general, the Speed Rope is recommended for users with a height of up to 2 meters. You will not experience annoying knotting if you buy this jump rope: it consists of robust steel with an additional plastic cover providing a desirable stability. The plastic handles provide a secure grip so that you can safely control the Speed Rope as well with very fast movements. In this skipping rope stuck a lot of full power options for a varied workout experience. Maybe you try to start with speed kipping before using the rope for double unders (jumps with double rotations) as an even more demanding challenge. With regular training sessions, you can specifically improve your coordination, endurance and speed. By the way, it is no coincidence that many professional boxers exercise with a jump rope.

Buy this Hoopomania skipping rope for a new dimension of sport
  • suitable for beginners, professional athletes and for children
  • enjoy flexibility: adjustable length with hand screw
  • steel wire with plastic coating prevents knotting and allows faster rotational movements
  • a convenient bag for transport and storing is included
  • length of the skipping rope: 3 m (recommended for persons with a height of up to 2 meters)
  • quality materials ensure a long-lasting durability
  • only suitable for indoor use
With this Speed Rope, you will discover a new form of working out: Try it now!
With this jump rope, you will enrich your personal training schedule effectively to specifically work on your physical endurance and coordination. Take advantage of the flexible training opportunities and the high level of comfort in order to enjoy a new form of training. And also kids will have a great pleasure to be able to combine sport and play with this jump rope.

Color: black
Length: 3m
Material: plastic, metal

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