Hoopomania Speed Rope II professional jump rope with bearing

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Losing weight with a jumping rope? With the Speed Rope II by Hoopomania, you will bring more efficiency into your training plan
Do you think a jump rope is a toy of bygone days? Not even close! The functional Speed Rope II by Hoopomania proves that a modern jump rope has become a very effective training tool. You won't experience annoying knotting with this jump rope since the sturdy steel cable has been wrapped with plastic. This jump rope has a specific functional clou that embodies its high quality: an integrated ball bearing allows faster rotations. The handle has an optimized structure that ensures a firm grip and therefore a pleasant training comfort. You will get as well a handy pocket where you can store or transport the Speed Rope (skipping rope).

Slimming with skipping: the Hoopomania Speed Rope II makes it possible!
  • suitable for beginners as well as for professional athletes
  • known form of training in the field of professional boxing
  • ideal form of exercise to lose weight effectively
  • quality skipping rope with ball bearings allows faster rotations
  • with plastic wrapped steel wire prevents knotting
  • handle structure with optimal grip due to special coating
  • a convenient bag for transport/storage is included
  • skipping rope length: about 2.8m (=> recommended for persons up to 2 meters height)
  • recommended only for indoor use (outdoors there is a higher risk of abrasion)
With this jump rope, you will experience a completely new form of workout!
You are looking for a highly efficient sport with which you can sustainably lose weight? Then the Speed Rope II is a highly recommended exercise equipment on your way to your desired figure. Increase the speed and training intensity gradually to improve your endurance and specifically your coordination. For sure you have seen professional boxers exercising with a jump rope: That should be a convincing proof of the efficiency.

Slimming by skipping: Try it now and experience how the high quality Speed Rope II by Hoopomania strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system.

Color: black, gold
Length: 2,7m
Material: plastic, metal

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