Connecting pipe HDPE-12-16-20mm

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This connecting tube is the perfect basis for a stable Hula Hoop
We provide you with this high quality connecting tube of extremely durable HDPE (polyethylene with increased density) the possibility to create a functional Travel Hoop that you can take everywhere in a space-saving way with you since it can be dismantled easily.

Please choose depending on the tube thicknesses one of the following models:

Pipe Ø
of Hoop
* - for a Hula Hoop Hoop tube with a material thickness of 2 mm
** - for a Hula Hoop Hoop tube with a material thickness of 2.3 mm

ATTENTION! In order to create a Hoop with a tube diameter of 16 mm as Travel Hoop with snap buttons, you need this HDPE 12-10-SB snap button connector. Only in this way, you can - in combination with a Hula Hoop blank (16 mm tube diameter)- integrate the snap button function.

This connector represents a functional accessory with which you can create your own Hula Hoop according to your (size) wishes. You should be aware of the fact that you get delivered a non-drilled tube that you can adjust at home individually. This means that all necessary drilling will be carried out at home to ensure an optimal fit according to your needs.

We provide you with everything you need for your creative self-made Hula Hoop:
Order as well a functional snap button or rivets to be equipped with the entire necessary accessory.

Color: may be different
Tube diameter: 12/16/20mm (selectable during the ordering process - please read the instructions above)
Length: about 10 cm
Material: HDPE (= polyethylene with high density)

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