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Aluminum blind rivets to create an individual Hula Hoop, set of 10 rivets Ø3x8mm

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Here with us you will find all the accessories to build a fitness hula hoop according to your wishes themselves can. In addition griptapes, pipes and connectors we offer you strong connection rivets to give your tires the necessary stability. You merely plug the connector into the pipe and drill holes to attach these rivets using pliers. With a few simple steps you hold a finished hula hoops in the hands, you can customize according to your wishes. The purchase of these rivets a high quality product that will withstand even higher loads over a longer period of time. We offer an attractive set (consisting of 10 aluminum blind rivets), so you might be able to build more fitness hula hoops themselves.

Please note that 6 mm long rivets are used for the 16 and 20 mm tubes. For the 25 mm tube, you should take 8 mm long rivets.

Set of 10 rivets
Material: Aluminum
Diameter: 3 mm
Length: 8 mm

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