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*second choice* Hoopomania Might Hoop, Foam Hula Hoop 2kg

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Hoopomania Might Hoop: An effective training device with appealing design
With the Hoopomania Might Hoop (foam Hula Hoop), you will soon enjoy the "sporty twist"! Look forward to a new, powerful fitness innovation made by Hoopomania which will convince you with its impressive weight of 2 kg. In this respect, you can enjoy an intensive workout experience that will bring the entire body into a better shape. The relaxing combination of gymnastics and wellness helps to relax after long workdays as the integrated massage nubs offer you a pleasant time-out. The integrated foam, which also effectively prevents the Might Hoop from slipping off, also contributes to a greater well-being. The elastic effect of the foam offers the basis for a convincing training comfort.

You will enjoy a better shape with the Hoopomania Might Hoop
We recommend this model to all users with a body weight of at least 70 kg. Due to the subtle design, this functional Hula Hoop appeals to women and men. More and more men are convinced of this effective sport as it is a holistic form of workout. If you practice regularly with the Hoopomania Might Hoop, the effects can be seen and felt:
  • ideal sport for losing weight due to efficient fat burning
  • the tissue around the hip, the abdomen and the buttocks is tightened
  • regular training makes the hip slimmer
  • the coordination can be improved
  • the massage effect can improve the bowel activity
  • Hula Hooping stimulates the metabolism and the blood circulation
  • strengthen your back with Hula Hooping
This foam Hula Hoop transforms sport into a powerful experience
You can see that this trend sport offers many health-related aspects. Hula Hooping is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the fitness with a sport that is perceived as pure fun. That's why more and more men become enthusiastic Hula Hoopers. The design of the Might Hoop is perfect to please fitness and design conscious men as well.

These health-active aspects are enjoyable with the Hoopomania Might Hoop:
  • the integrated foam provides a pleasant comfort
  • attractive fitness solution for pain-sensitive users (from 70 kg)
  • the few massage nubs offer a gentle massage effect
  • enjoy a soothing massage of the back and abdominal muscles
  • practical & functional: thanks to One Click System, the Hoop can be dismantled quickly into 8 individual parts (flexible transport options)
With the Hoopomania Might Hoop, fitness becomes a "round" thing for her & him!
Apart from the health-enhancing benefits of the Might Hoop, you will be especially inspired by its flexible functionality. A plug-in system with innovative One Click connections allows you to disassemble the Hoop for transport into 8 individual parts. That offers you flexible transport options. High quality materials and an excellent workmanship ensure that you will enjoy a long-lasting pleasure in this quality product.

ATTENTION: Untrained users may have bruises in the initial phase. This is a normal, harmless reaction of the body or tissue. If you want to avoid this and to enjoy even more comfort, you should wear the abdominal belt as a functional added value.

Pieces: 8
Diameter: 100 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Colors: blue, light blue

  • Shipping weight: 2,50 kg
  • Item weight: 2,00 kg
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