Tube cutter for PE/PP/PVC tubes with Ø 0-42mm

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Any Hula Hoop diameter can be realized with this handy PVC, PP or PE tube cutter
For quite a lot of fans of the Hula Hoop movement, it is a special opportunity to create a unique Hoop. We offer you everything you will need for a sweeping adventure with high quality tubes, functional connectors and tapes for the design and a better grip level. Especially a perfect diameter which is adapted to your physical conditions is very important in order to have fun and to be able to celebrate successes. In this respect, we offer you the opportunity to tailor every Hula Hoop tube to the desired length with this practical tube cutter. We also provide you with practical assistance so that you can quickly calculate the required tube length for the desired diameter. This tube cutter allows you to precisely cut a PVC, PP or PE tube to the desired length in just one operation.

Cut the Hula Hoop tube as you need it
With this PVC, PP and PE cutter, we offer you a functional tool so that you can build your own Hula Hoop or design it individually. Despite the low weight of 320 grams, the construction of the tube cutter is robust so that it can even handle stable PVC tubes with thicker walls without problems. This cutter is easy to handle and it is easy to use as the mechanism is based on the ratchet principle. This tube cutter can be used for diameters up to a maximum of 42 mm. The cutting edges have a high quality, so that the Hula Hoop can then assume individual and functional forms. In this respect, we invite you to discover further accessories for the construction of high quality Hula Hoops!

Tube diameter (max.): 42 mm / 1-5 / 8 ''
Dimensions: 85 x 190 x 25 mm
Weight: 0,26 kg
Material: metal

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