TrustFire Li-Ion battery for LED Hula Hoop 3.7V AAA

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Reliable energy for an expressive LED Hula Hoop: TrustFire Li-Ion battery 3.7 V (AAA)
We want to make sure with our professional and highly functional LED Hula Hoop accessories that you can use our full range of high-performance LED hula hoops in order to enjoy the full range of effects can. In this sense, is currently playing in view of the integrated LEDs a reliable energy supply is key. This TrustFire Li-Ion battery (AAA, 3.7 volts) you go in terms of quality and reliability no compromises. In combination with our practical chargers, you can customize the power supply of the LED hula hoops maximum efficiently. The following product advantages offer here a tangible value.

Advantages and features of Trustfire Li-ion batteries:
  • PCB protection ensures high safety use
  • no memory effect thanks to groundbreaking technology
  • lightness
  • very long life cycle (up to 1000 charges possible)
  • very small amount of self-discharge
  • long running times through high capacity
  • Recommended accessories for Hoopomania LED hula hoops

By Trustfire Li-Ion batteries do not fall in the dark!
What would be the impressive expressive LED hula hoop of Hoopomania without its vibrant lighting power? We recommend you this powerful and high-quality batteries in order to reel off the full effect of your spectrum LED hula hoops reliably. Up to 1000 charges, no memory effect ensure that you will prolong the enjoyment of this quality product. Additional accessories such as chargers or a practical charger for the car, we have also in store for you!

Model Number: 10440
Capacity / Power: 600 mAh
Voltage: 3.7 V
Size: AAA, Ø10 x 46 mm

WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE80650972

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