Lithium ion battery for LED Hula Hoop (3.7 V, AA)

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Use full power: High quality Li-Ion battery for our innovative LED Hula Hoops
Our innovative LED Hula Hoops with various program functions enable a unique play of colors with impressive dynamism. The available lithium battery is the perfect accessory for your new LED Hula Hoop because it ensures a compelling power supply for a potent Hula Hooping performance. We also offer you a suitable battery charger so that you can perfect with a few clicks the power supply. With this powerful lithium ion battery, you opt for an energy-efficient and safe solution because the built-in PCB protection allows a high degree of safety in use. This lithium battery has no memory effect. Of course, you can use it in other electronic devices as well.

Powerful Lithium battery for Hoopomania LED Hula Hoops
  • high reliability and safety due to PCB protection
  • innovative technology without memory effect
  • perfect for the power supply of our LED Hula Hoops
  • maximum energy efficiency and light weight
  • long life cycle, up to 1000 times rechargeable
  • low level of self-discharge
  • high capacity battery
Take advantage of maximum power during Hula Hooping with LEDs in every way!
The trendy sport Hula Hooping offers a high level of power. With this rechargeable lithium ion battery, you ensure a convincing performance as well in energy-technical terms. Due to the light weight, the Hula Hoop is only slightly heavier. A compelling lifetime of up to 1000 recharges in combination with an excellent energy efficiency convert this battery into the perfect accessory for your LED Hula Hoop.

Model Number: 14500
Capacity: 900 mah
Voltage: 3.7 V
Size: AA, Ø14 x 50 mm

WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE80650972

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