Hoopomania LED Hula Hoop with 24 lights, diameter 90cm

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LED Hula Hoop by Hoopomania: athletic efficiency meets an impressive visualization with dynamic effects
This modern fitness Hula Hoop allows you to enjoy a body-conscious Hooping workout at home to improve your well-being and to get closer every day to your dream body. But this peppy fitness partner can do even more: The 24 built-in LED lights ensure a dynamic appearance which is set in scene with 7 changing colors. In darkened rooms, you can create a very special atmosphere with the LED Hula Hoop: Use this atmosphere for a professional performance.

This colorful Hula Hoop has to be shown: Create with this Hula Hoop a special atmosphere
This high quality Hula Hoop with integrated LED lights in seven changing colors not only makes a good impression at home: Especially for professional shows and performances (e.g. in the circus or in discotheques), the LED Hula Hoop should not be missing as visually attractive highlight to create a certain magic on the stage. Whether as a modern and highly effective training device or as peppy accessory for an unforgettable show, this LED Hula Hoop by Hoopomania deserves to be the star on the stage.

Peppy uses and benefits of this LED Hula Hoop
  • ideal tool for professional shows and performances
  • also a perfect training tool for home with attractive visual effects
  • in the dark, the LED Hoop allows peppy lighting effects with highly atmospheric character
  • 7 changing colors set the dynamic movements in the right spotlight
  • can be used as Travel Hoop thanks to the One Click system
  • high quality rechargeable battery with PCB protection is included (with charger)
  • high quality
  • excellent price-performance ratio: everyone can afford this peppy highLIGHT
Excellent quality components for a health active training experience
Please note that this quality Hoop may only be used with the included lithium-ion battery. Use the included charger in order to enjoy maximum safety and durability. Another functional highlight is that this Hula Hoop can be rapidly reduced significantly due to the practical One Click system so that a space-saving transport or storage is possible. Your new sporting highLIGHT with LED light power can accompany you anywhere!

The package includes:
1 x Lithium battery
1 x LED Hula Hoop
1 x charger

Product features in a compact summary:
14500 Lithium, AA with PCB protection
Voltage: 3.7 volts
LED Lights: 24 pcs, 7 colors (blue, yellow, red, green, orange, purple and white)
Material: PP (Polypropylen)
Color of the Hula Hoop: white (milky)
Hoop diameter: 90 cm
Tube diameter: 20 mm
Weight: about 300 grams

WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE80650972

Our LED Hula Hoop has installed LED lights. These LEDs must NOT be disposed of with normal household waste. If you wish to dispose the Hula Hoop professionally, you may return it to us (provided sufficient postage). We then assume the disposal for you. Similarly, all local authorities also provide a free disposal.

Interesting facts and useful information about Dance Hooping:
Hoopomania Dance Hoop Workout

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