Circus Hula Hoop, metallic colors, Ø 70cm, green

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Ultra-thin circus Hula Hoop in attractive metallic colors: How many tires you can control around your waist?
Discover with this modern Circus Hula Hoop an effective training device and in particular a professional equipment for an exciting stage performance with metallic effect: For your personal choice, we offer you 7 attractive metallic colors as well as a selectable diameter between 70 and 90 centimeters to allow the best possible fit. Even if the tire is very thin with 16 millimeters and therefore pleasantly light, the extremely robust HDPE as a material basis ensures a very stable structure. Despite the convincing stability, however, the Hula Hoop swings very well around the waist. Take advantage of the lightweight design to let circle several tires around your waist. With this circus Hulahoop, you can create a great performance which knows how to impress the audience.

Circus Hoola Hoop: All benefits and features in a compact overview
  • quality Circus Hulahoop in 7 attractive metallic colors
  • select your personal diameter between 70 and 90 centimeters
  • perfect for Multihooping due to the very light weight and the ultra-thin design
  • the integrated grip tape helps to better control the tire
  • HDPE ensures maximum durability and flexibility
  • with this Circus Hula Hoop, you can expand your repertoire
  • convincing quality at a very compelling price
Are you ready for new Hula Hoop tricks and sporting challenges?
If you say yes, you can perfectly equip yourself with this circus Hulahoop to enjoy Double or Multihooping. Enjoy the light weight and low material thickness to control more than one tire in the air. The attractive metallic effect underlines visually the dynamics of this sport and you can set additional accents of visual nature while Multihooping with different colors. The integrated grip tape will it make easier to control several Hula Hoops at once.

Curtain up for Multihooping: Enjoy with this circus Hoola Hoop new sporting challenges and create a performance that will make a good figure in all respects.

Weight: 225g
Diameter: 70cm
Material: HDPE, pro sheen tape, grip tape
Colors: green
Tube diameter: 16mm
Material thickness: 2mm
Manufactured: in Germany, handmade

We would like to point out that this Hoop is a not prefabricated product that is tailored individually according to your order. Therefore, a return of this product is unfortunately not possible. 

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