Metal drill for drilling PE/ PP/ HDPE tubes

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Build your own Hula Hoop: Why are metal drills helpful?
We offer you high quality PE or PP/ HDPE tubes in different strengths and colors as a robust and at the same time sweeping base for your very individual Hula Hoop. In addition, we offer professional accessories, so that the creation of your new Hula itself becomes a pleasure. Furthermore, we want to make sure that you end up with a perfectly fitting and functional Hula Hoop in your hands that will inspire you. In this sense, connections play an important role. They make it possible to use a certain desired diameter and give the Hula Hoop a high degree of flexibility.

Functional metal drills for the precise processing of HDPE, PP or PE tubes
With these metal drills, you will get the right accessory to quickly and precisely drill the tubes at the designated locations. Use these suitable metal drills to avoid hassles and delays when building your own Hula Hoop. The reason for not perfectly fitting connectors have by no means to do with the quality of the tubes, but at best with an unfavorable tolerance. With these metal drills, you can use the perfect size so that you will enjoy the best functionality right from the start! Please note that different metal drills are available depending on the external diameter. Please also discover our other functional accessories for the Hula Hoop construction and use the best professional equipment!

For this article, 3 different drills are offered:
Metal drill with Ø 12.5 mm for a tube with external Ø 16mm
Metal drill with Ø 16.5 mm for a tube with external Ø 20mm
Metal drill with Ø 20.5 mm for a tube with external Ø25 mm

Material: HHS steel
Diameter: 12.5 / 16.5 / 20.5 mm
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