Magnetic Therapy

Magnet therapy with positive effect
Certain magnetic fields can affect positively the body. The magnet radiation promotes not only different, organic processes in the body, but also raises the spirits and the well-being. Because also our organs and different materials can work in our body on magnetic fields and be influenced by these, the magnet therapy can affect positively the body and also the mental well-being. Th the lying underneath vessels, muscles and organs can be influenced the skin, but also positively.

Magnet therapy by Magnetverjüngungsmaske
The magnet therapy can be used straight for different body regions. Especially actually the effect also strikes in the facial area. For this it can be pulled up the Magnetverjüngungsmaske which works like a wholesome facial massage and influences the facial area positively. Since in the Magnetverjüngungsmaske several are, elastic magnets integrated by which the magnet therapy is carried out. The circulation of the epidermis cells is accelerated by the magnet rays and is supported therefore positively. In this manner the important active substances which the skin needs can reach faster in the cells and unfold there her effect. Therefore the skin can be smoothed, because folds are tightened, but also possibly rings under the eyes disappear.

Magnet therapy with the magnet hula Hoop
The magnet therapy can be also carried out for the important belly area and hip area. This succeeds very simply and actually by the use of a suitable hula Hoop of tyre. In the hula Hoop of tyres several magnets which generate a magnetic field around the body by the use of the tyre are integrated. This provides for a support of the blood circulation in the important regions and promotes therefore the health.