Juggling torch Nite Flite from Henrys, different colors

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Let yourself be captivated by the most fascinating element!
Fire is exciting, passionate and dynamic. Take your audience to another world with Henry's juggling torch Nite Flite. The torch is well balanced with loving details: An ash wood stick represents the basic framework and is sheathed with an aluminum tube far into the handle. Thus, the rod can not break and is protected from charring.
The wooden cone, which is decorated with a metallic foil in a color of your choice, is protected from flames by an aluminum disc. The additional rubber disc ensures that the asbestos-free wick and the wooden cone do not come into contact with the ground. To prevent the wooden stick from charring at the end of the wick, it is equipped with an aluminum cap. Sounds like the torch is quite heavy? Quite the opposite. The torch has a weight of only 250g. Thus, it is ideal for juggling with fire.

Whether for fun, as a sporting activity or captivating entertainment:
Henry's juggling torch is your reliable companion. You want to put on a breathtaking fire show full of magic? Then the Nite Flite is not to be missed, in addition to a little talent, some extra skill and a large portion of practice!
Elaborate shows with large audiences are not your thing? Use the torch to increase your personal fine motor skills, concentration and reaction time.
Juggling only for one person? Doesn't have to be. Juggle with other people - whether next to each other (with enough safety distance) or with each other. There are no limits to your creativity. Throws behind the back, tricks like "the Flourish" or "the wood chopper" and and and...
With fire, even the simplest trick attracts all eyes. Henry's high-quality and attractive juggling torch Nite Flite will surely support you in all your endeavors.

Juggling with fire is always associated with danger! Before you start, always take all safety measures so that your own health and that of the spectators is not threatened!

Weight: approx. 250g
Length: approx. 51 cm
Wick length: approx. 40 cm*
Wick width: approx. 50 mm*
Color: white, red-silver, yellow-silver, orange, purple-silver, green-silver, gold, blue-silver or silver

*Length and width may vary

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Wick, set of 3, for Henrys Nite Flite juggling torches
Wick, set of 3, for Henrys Nite Flite juggling torches
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