Luxin Non Slip clothes hanger set 10 pcs + Bonus

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Stainless steel skewers (flat) SET of 10 for shish kebab, 50/60cm

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One Click luxus clothes dryer E4 Clothes tower with 4 levels

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One Click luxus clothes dryer E3

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In our online shop you can discover many useful helpers. Be sure to order multi-functional devices with a mouse click, so first of all you save lots of time and nerves in everyday life. Enjoy the comfort, for example, bring the multifunctional hanger that you can order from us with it. So they have certainly order again in your wardrobe.

Noodles as in Italy
If you like barbecue, you can order an inexpensive grill made ??of stainless steel with us, the attractive design speaks for itself. You like to eat spaghetti and want to feel like in Italy? Do you remember your last vacation Italy and get your noodles themselves, because they only need to knead the dough, the rest is done through the pasta machine virtually by itself

Space-saving solutions
If you too are often faced with the big question, how and where they can hang your laundry to dry perfectly, you should look at our luxury clothes horse E4 detail. Especially if you have a larger family and wash laundry more often, so you bring order into your laundry. If you are looking for a space-saving way to hang your wardrobe, you can see the clothes rack with casters from our range. This device is easy to find in any corner space, the minimum floor area will surprise you.  Perhaps also search a drying rack for the balcony? No matter how little space you have - here you will find the perfect solution for the budget.
Have you ever thought about how much time you have to spend in the budget, so that everything runs smoothly? Think about how you create the best remedy, so not quite as much of your free time on it goes and you can concentrate on other things faster, by looking at the useful equipment in our shop. Are you considering to invest a little more money for good clothes hanger, if you want to make in your closet in order. We warmly recommend to look at our products and our hangers are closer than you will realize how easy it is to make everyday life in the household so.

A unique patent
Do not use cheap clothes hangers, but you focus on quality and store a lot of ironing on a single hanger. The non-skid material is a guarantee that your ironing never lands on the ground again if you use our hangers. This patent is you most likely have come across anywhere else, so just try it once and see how useful can be such a multifunctional hangers.

Space-saving and clearly
Not only will you save a lot of space in your closet, you are also much faster when hanging your laundry. A few handles rich and everything depends on its place. You can also enjoy the perfect overview, when it once in the morning have to go really fast.
Originally Mantowarka actually comes from Russia, where the name comes from. This is a very particular and special steam cooking pot. So that you can typically produce Manty. These are dumplings with a special filling, so similar to the pelmeni. You've probably heard of it, if you are known to the Russian cuisine known.

A very special cooking pot
It is not easy to determine the origin of this particular pot, but it is provable that it is widespread in Turkey, in Armenia, as well as in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. So it is with the courts. Sometimes this special meal is also called Mante.

Essays for gentle cooking
Essentially, it is a pot, which is supplied with stackable different screwdriver blades. These have a braided ground. The principle is therefore just as well as you probably know it by steaming ago. Through the holes, it is possible that the steam through the essays comes up and the dish is cooked. The pot has an optimal height, which in turn reduces the cooking time total.

Mantowarka is suitable for all hob types
Mantowarka and Samowartöpfe are particularly economical because they have a low consumption. One should however not use these special pots without water when they are hot. It is important to ensure that you use only mild detergents when cleaning. Usually a Mantowarka is a suitable induction cooker for both the electric stove, as well as a gas stove or a ceramic hob, respectively.
If you enjoy grilling or possibly are a fan of barbecue skewers, or the neighbors would like to invite for a party and a great BBQ, you can look at our designs, because a Mangal grill might appeal to you.

Stainless steel for easy cleaning
Convince yourself of the quality optics and the practical material, because stainless steel is easy to clean and always looks good. You can retract the foot of the product, and quick assembly is guaranteed. So you do not have to wait long if you want to fire up the grill on the weekend. The highly polished grill grate can be removed easily to make this easy to clean. The air intake is easily adjustable so you can set the perfect grilling temperature as desired. During the grilling so you constantly stay mobile with this product and can shashlik grill any time change

Sufficient cooking surface and durability
If you have action when grilling, you have to make it through this product not worry about a safe stop and stand, because the legs are an important criterion. The device is made robust and shines through longevity, so you can entertain your guests so long. It now forward to the next celebration and get the sufficient cooking area.

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