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Hooks Set for Luxin clothes hanger, 10 pieces

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These practical clips will perfect the revolution in your wardrobe! Discover more space…

The innovative non slip clothes hangers offer you a lot of advantages as you can see in the description of this product. If you order this additional set of 10 clips, you can even improve the use of the non slip clothes hangers: by means of attaching the clips, you can put together several clothes hangers. In that way, you can use until 200 % more space in your wardrobe as it will be possible to use the lower space as well.

200 % more space in your wardrobe: Get now the practical clips for the non slip clothes hangers!
If you order now a set containing 10 of these practical clips, you will be able to enjoy every day the full range of functions which the non slip clothes hangers offer you.

Please have a look at the photos of this innovative product as well. The photos will show you all the possible uses of the clothes hangers and you will see how to put together the non slip clothes hangers with the additional clips which you can purchase here.

Set: 10 x hooks
Materials: ABS
Colour: green or orange

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