Fire Hula Hoop Ø 90/100cm with 3/4/5 Bendywicks

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For a hot performance on stage: fire Hula Hoop with a variable number of Hoopomania Wicks (torch elements)
The stage is set for this high quality and safely usable fire Hula Hoop which allows you to realize an impressive stage performance. Of course, you will need some practice to master safely and confidently your new fire Hula Hoop (this pinnacle is only recommended for experienced Hoopers). We provide with this high quality fire Hula Hoop a functional basis including safety instructions. You can basically choose the number of Hoopomania Wicks (torches) between 3 and 5. The Hoopomania Wicks are suitable for either a Hula Hoop with a diameter of 16 or 20 mm. Even when diameter of the fire Hula Hoop can be chosen between 90 and 100 cm to ensure the best possible fit. In order to be able to better control the fire Hoop, grip tape has been attached on the inside: This makes for a significant increase in the adhesion level. You will need to transport more often this Hula Hoop. This is no problem with this model because as functional Travel Hoop you can significantly reduce its size thanks to snap buttons with just a few clicks.

Professional tool for fire Hooping: With this Hula Hoop, you will master the element fire
  • individually selectable diameter (90 or 100 cm), and number of torch elements (3,4 or 5)
  • available tube diameter: 16 or 20 mm
  • more security: Grip Tape on the inside increases the level of adhesion
  • elaborately manufactured quality product with a high level of security
  • the ropes to the Hoopomania Wicks are made of very durable material
  • safe in use: the heat is not passed onto the Hula Hoop
  • safety instructions in German are included: please read them carefully!

We provide everything for your fiery Hula Hoop passion: ‘Ignite’ an impressive show performance!
Practice creates masters, which is especially true for the demanding fire Hooping. Use the Hula Hoop at first only without fire to acquire a good sense of control. Please note the enclosed instructions for the highest level of security and in order to familiarize yourself with all the necessary aspects. We are happy to provide you different sizes, diameters and a different number of Hoopomania Wicks, so that you can create a great performance on stage according to your wishes.

Weight: 350-580 g
Diameter: 90/100 cm (optionally selectable)
Material: HDPE, grip tape, metallic tape, wicks
Wicks: 3/4/5pcs
Tube diameter: 16/20 mm
Material thickness: 2 mm
Manufactured: in Germany, handmade

We would like to point out that this Hoop is a not prefabricated product that is tailored individually according to your order. Therefore, a return of this product is unfortunately not possible. 

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