Colorful Hula Hoop, foldable, Ø90cm Red-Green

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Flexible Travel Hula Hoop: This equipment finds a place in your sports bag
Grab with this Hula Hoop model in the truest sense of the word new sporting opportunities that could not be more effective or functional. Basically, 3 different diameters are available, allowing you to create a perfect fit as a basis for an effective workout. Individual colorful highlights are ensured by 6 trendy colors. A special functional highlight is the sticky grip tape, which provides noticeably a better level of adhesion. In this way, it will be easier for beginners to control or to keep up the Hoop. The stable base material made of HDPE provides maximum stability and it also allows sweeping flexibility, as it is needed for a dynamic and health active workout. You want to lose weight, to tone the figure and to improve your posture? Then there is nothing better for you than regular Hooping workouts that will be a personal wellness experience with your favorite music in the background.

Foldable Hula Hoop: all product advantages at a glance
  • 3 selectable diameters ensure an optimal fit
  • the light base weight ensures a high comfort
  • innovative foldable design
  • enjoy with this Travel Hula Hoop space-saving transport options
  • when traveling, you can take this Hula Hoop with you
  • the sturdy construction and the robust material ensure a long life
  • noticeable help for Hooping: the grip tape facilitates the control of the Hoop while learning the technique
  • diet & workout: Hula Hooping is a health-promoting trend sport
Hula Hooping redefined: a foldable Hula Hoop allows the highest sporting flexibility
A modern and high quality foldable Hula Hoop like this model shows that the "wooden times" of your youth belong to the past. Use the handy foldable construction to reduce the size by about half. As Travel Hula Hoop, you can take it everywhere with you. The special snap buttons ensure that you can fold the Hoop quickly. And it also takes only a few simple steps to bring this Travel Hula Hoop back into its original shape. Take a look at the product video in order to get a vivid impression. If the Hoop should not quite have its round shape after folding, you only need to adjust the connectors a little.

Workout with limits: Use with this Travel Hula Hoop a practical opportunity which is reducible in size and take your sports equipment with you anywhere.

Diameter: 90 cm
Material: PE or HDPE, PVC (connector), grip tape
Tube diameter: approx. 20 mm
Weight: 350 g
Color combinations: red-green
Manufactured: in Germany, handwork

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