Circus Hula Hoop, glitter colors, Ø 90cm, violet

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More than one of this Hulla Hoop can simultaneously fly around your waist
Are you ready for a new challenge to make athletic progresses or to surprise others with an exciting performance? Whatever you would like to do, with this ultrathin circus Hula Hoop you are perfectly equipped to enjoy even more action around your hip. The ultra-light weight and the thin design contribute to the fact that several of these circus Hulla Hoops can be swung. The exciting glitter look with fresh colors ensures visual highlights. Select depending on your progress and physical conditions a suitable diameter during the order. If you want to try something new, you can discover with this ultra-light tire the trendy Multihooping as ,lord of the Hula Hoop rings.

Circus Hoop in attractive glitter colors: How many tires can you let fly?
  • quality product (manual work)
  • HDPE provides the material basis for robust flexibility
  • the low material strength and the light weight convert this tire into the perfect Circus Multi Hoop
  • the noble glitter tape in various shades provides visual highlights
  • convincing price-performance ratio
  • with several of these tires, you grab new sporting challenges or you create an impressive performance
It's time for new athletic challenges!
Discover now Double and Multihooping and bring even more momentum and energy into your training routine with significant health effects. And if you want to work on choreography, this circus Hulla Hoop is the perfect tool for you: Be sure to order two or more tires in different colors with a diameter of your choice to realize more action and movement around the waist. You will also be amazed at how flexible and sweeping the nearly indestructible HDPE is as durable material base. A special functional detail is provided by the integrated grip tape, with which you can control various Hula Hoops more easily.

How many circus Hulla Hoops can you let fly round the hip? Try it out now with this innovative circus Hulla Hoop in an impressive look!

Weight: 294g
Diameter: 90cm
Material: HDPE, glitter tape, grip tape
Colors: violet
Tube diameter: 16mm
Material thickness: 2mm
Manufactured: in Germany, handmade

We would like to point out that this Hoop is a not prefabricated product that is tailored individually according to your order. Therefore, a return of this product is unfortunately not possible. 

  • Shipping weight: 0,36 kg
  • Item weight: 0,05 kg
  • EAN:  4260205775936
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