Assembly instructions for One Click Luxus Clothes Dryer

  Material list for E1
 One Click Luxus Wäscheständer E1, Wäscheturm und Garderobe 2in1
   Material list for E2
  One Click Luxus Wäscheständer E2, Seitenflügel auf 2 Ebenen, klappbar
   Material list for E3
 One Click Luxus Wäscheständer E3, Seitenflügel auf 3 Ebenen
   Material list for E4 
 One Click Luxus Wäscheständer E4, Seitenflügel auf 4 Ebenen, klappbar

Please read the following instructions carefully before starting the assembly
1. Please follow the instructions as described below and make sure -for your own safety- that the assembly parts are not sharp. This is to avoid any kind of injuries.
2. Please beg children from playing with the appliance to avoid any injuries.
3. Excessive amount of laundry may damage the appliance. Please be aware of the limit of 5 kg.
4. In order to avoid fire, please do not dry laundry in front of inflammable objects.
5. Please do not apply excessive pressure to the appliance because in the worst case it might break.

WARNING: The One Click clothes dryer is only intended for drying textiles washed in water. It should not be used by persons (and especially children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instructions concerning the right use. Children should be always supervised in order to ensure that they do not play with this clothes dryer.
Useful hints for a trouble-free assembly:
Please pay attention to the instruction as well while you are going through the following steps. The pictures will help you to understand how the different parts of the appliance have to be put together. It is also very helpful to have a look at the pictures and the product video which you may find here. Here you may see every detail of the clothes dryer if you have any doubt while going through the different steps of the assembly. Before you begin, you should check the list of included materials in order to verify if all necessary parts are available.
Step 1: Putting together wings and the lockable elements
Please put the 6 lockable elements as shown in the instruction together with the side foldable wings. The click signal will show you that the elements are fixed. Repeat the described procedure for all lockable elements and side foldable wings.
Step 2: Assembly of the feet
Please take the 2 feet elements and put the bar A into the whole which you can find in the middle of both feet elements. Press the bars carefully into the wholes and make sure that they are well fixed. What you now see in front of you is the basis of the luxury dryer.

Step 3: Installation of the bars B and C
Next, please put the bars B into the whole that you can find on top of the feet element (in the middle). Make sure that the bars are well fixed in order to guarantee the stability of the clothes dryer. Please take care: These two bars have to be installed in the right direction (the omission must show towards the top of the dryer, see picture concerning step 3). Then please put the bars C onto the already fixed bars B and make sure that the bars are well connected and fixed.
Step 4: Installation of the wings
Please put now the side foldable wings onto the bars C on each side. In order to do so, you just have to put the whole of the lockable element through the bar, and then you can press the element downwards into a desired position. In that way, you can position all the wings in a different height so that you have enough place afterwards to put a lot of clothes. The red button on the lockable element has to be ‚opened‘ while moving the wing. Otherwise the wing will be fixed. Please do not push the elements if the lockable elements are fixed. According to the one click principle, you should always have a look at this red button.
Step 5: Connection pieces for bar D
Please put the 2 included connection pieces into the ends of bar D and make sure that they are well fixed. Then you can put the bar D onto the bars C.

Step 6: Installation of the 2 side wings
Please attach the side wings as shown in the picture according to the one click principle to the bars C. You may push them a little bit downwards into a desired position. Congratulations – your luxury clothes dryer is now ready for use!

Hints for foldering the wings or the feet:
Due to the one click principle, this clothes dryer is very simple to put up and easily fold away again if not needed. With one click, you may put the foldable side wings in a vertical position. As well, the feet can be foldered as shown in the picture of the first page of the instructions. Please make sure that you folder the wings or feet towards the right direction as shown in the pictures or the product video you may find online in the shop.