Connecting pipe PP (polypropylene) 12.7mm

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Tube connectors for a self-made Hula Hoop made of polypropylene
In addition to various plastic tubes made of PP in different thicknesses and colors, we also offer additional accessories in order to customize an individual Hula Hoop. Use this tube connector in order to build a flexible Travel Hoop yourself which can always be transported in a space-saving way. A few handles are sufficient to reduce the size of the finished Hula Hoop made of PP significantly. Please select with regard to the tube thickness when ordering a suitable connector.

Polypro Hula Hoop construction: Which connector I need to order?

Pipe Ø
of Hoop
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With this professional accessory, building a Polypro Hula Hoop will be easy
You can use this handy accessory with desirable functionality to build a highly individual PP Hula Hoop according to your wishes. Please note that you a not drilled through PP Hula Hoop tube.

Please be sure to have the right diameter of the tube in mind. Not all PP connectors are suitable for connecting HDPE tubes. In case of doubt, please contact our support.

Color: transparent
Outside diameter: 12.7mm
Length: approximately 10 cm
Material: PP (polypropylene)

* - not suitable for PP-16-white, PP-16-violet, PP-16-blue

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