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*second choice* Mobile Infrared Sauna XL Deluxe

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Relaxation and a better health in one: Discover our mobile infrared sauna
With this innovative portable infrared sauna, we offer you a very interesting alternative to the conventional sauna. The biggest difference is reflected in the significantly better energy efficiency because not the air in the cabin is heated, but the heat is generated by the penetration of infrared radiation in the infrared sauna directly on the body. This allows that soothing warmth can penetrate much deeper to act relaxing on tissu and joints. Unlike a normal sauna, you do not have to preheat this heat cabin: You can almost immediately have a seat on the chair and let yourself be pampered by the warmth of the infrared rays. With this infrared sauna, you are very flexible because you can put it up with a few simple steps wherever you want to enjoy pure relaxation. Whether in the garden or in front of the TV in the living room, with this mobile infrared sauna you are literally not bounded to a fixed location. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have no longer to go to crowded public saunas with little privacy after the purchase of this innovative health product. The privacy can therefore contribute significantly to the desired relaxation.

Benefits and medical aspects of the mobile infrared sauna:
  • very space-saving dimensions
  • easy assembly and disassembly, flexible uses
  • excellent energy efficiency: lower power consumption compared to a normal sauna
  • the sauna helps to strengthen the circulation and the immune system
  • short-term temperature increase to combat pathogens
  • through sweating, the body detoxifies and the skin pores clean themselves
  • the sauna may be used with view to skin care and slowing the aging
  • this infrared sauna can help with weight loss (up to 900 calories in half an hour)
  • infrared heat penetrates more deeply into the tissue and unfolds a very relaxing effect
Your own wellness oasis with maximum privacy
Get here with a few clicks this innovative mobile infrared sauna to enjoy at any time at home a relaxing and healthy sauna session. Especially after a long working day, you will appreciate the warmth.

The delivery of this mobile sauna includes the following components:
1. sauna body
2. 3 infrared segments
3. remote control
4. 1 infrared segment for the feet
5. folding chair as seating option

Technical details at a glance:
Power: 1000 watts (FIR 600 W)
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions (when placed): 0.80 x 0.84 x 1.03 m
Dimensions (packed state): 0.80 x 0.14 x 1.05 m
Voltage: 220V (50Hz)
Timer: 5 to 30 minutes
Color: gray

  • Shipping weight: 13,00 kg
  • Item weight: 11,00 kg
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