Russian keyboard stickers with character

They act internationally or in two languages and search keyboard sticker with character? Then here you are exact in the right address. Since we offer to our customers qualitatively especially high-quality laminated russian keyboard sticker. The surface of the stickers is provided with a special protective varnish and thus we are able to you are guaranteed that the keyboard stickers have a long life span and take turns not fast. The Russian keyboard stickers are available in many different colours. Hence, we can serve every customer with notebook and PC keyboards in all colours. Thus, for example, blue, green, yellow and pink-coloured stickers are particularly suited for bright and grey keyboards, while yellow, golden-coloured and turquoise-coloured stickers are planned rather for dark and black keyboards. With our stickers for your keyboard you make in the twinkling of an eye from a monolingual keyboard a zweisprachig one. Therefore we offer to you here a favorable alternative to the purchase of the second keyboard.

On the following sides we have put together further information about our product to offers for you:
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