iPhone 6 Plus leather case

With different iPhones Apple could already celebrate great successes. But the very luxurious iPhone 6 Plus can certainly lose its luster over time, making them worth the handle to an iPhone 6 shell without question. Finally, protected not only the stylish fairing with the iPhone below 6 cases, be preserved as scratches and abrasions, but also technically speaking well against various damages. So the screen is, for example, effectively protected by one of the many iPhone 6 Plus leather bags, as well as the technical features will receive an all-round protector, since the bag in small dimensions can also cushion falls. And: An iPhone 6 Plus leather bag in a chic alligator, snake or crocodile design gives the high-tech mobile phone an individual and unusual appearance.

luxury designer python leather case for iphone 6 Plus

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iPhone 6 Plus designer leather case, different colors

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iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case
The iPhone from Apple is not only considered one of the most successful and highest-quality smartphones of all time, but also as a design technical masterpiece. Where: In the meantime, can hardly be the language of "the" iPhone, because since 2008 Apple has already brought 12 models from its high-end mobile phone series to the man or the woman. With the iPhone 6 Plus for example the Californian technology giant delivers a smartphone, which excels in particular by a sharp and very large screen. But the iPhone 6 Plus can quickly become less Luxuriosität and functionality: scarring and loose contacts the sensitive inner life can even this brand product Add an both optical and technical suffering. With a matching iPhone 6 Plus leather case, as can be found in the following sub-categories in different versions, but two threats a bolt must be advanced.

The very large cell phone pocket
A key advantage of our many iPhone 6 Plus leather case provides the visual design is: Whether in the classic Universal Black, in fancy snake pattern or distinctive crocodile style - offers our range of leather cases for the iPhone 6 Plus for every taste a suitable solution. So the mobile phone from Apple Hausen can be individualized even in the highest degree, because unlike the 08/15 designs, the iPhone can skillfully own with a personal leather case stand out from the crowd at 6 Plus Apple phones. And not just in different shapes and colors, but also by its materials and additional features: The self-adhering screen coating, for example, gives the iPhone leather case also a purely functional advantage, since the mobile phone thus protect the one hand, but on the other hand can also use immediately, as soon as the Operation of the screen is required.

Protection across the board
Another special feature of each of our iPhone 6 Plus leather case represents its protective function. In particular, the screen is well protected by the fine leather, whereby the general case from scratches, scuffs and abrasions and discoloration is preserved depending on the model. And: Who likes it particularly safe, which could enjoy a so-called Bumper. This is a robust all-round cladding several Gummierungen that can even prevent impact damage from high altitudes effectively.
Leather Case for iPhone 6 plus
With the iPhone 6 Plus keep an extremely powerful and extremely handsome smartphone in your hands, no question. Features such as the brilliant Retina screen, the luxurious piano lacquer housing and the pure elegance, which brings the iPhone 6 Plus with him, let most competing smartphones stand in a dim light. And the power of the CPU and GPU is wrong with this Apple phone: Equipped with a powerful dual-core processor and a discrete graphics card reveals the apple mobile phone an amazingly fleet operating speed and a demanding graphics performance. And yet, even this gem of the communication industry is not immune from damage. However, can the iPhone immunize 6 Plus in no time before a whole range of damage! With the right iPhone 6 Plus Handyhülle example, the all-rounder mobile phone is not only protected, but also personalized in the highest straight!

Full protection allowing full operation
With the VIP Luxury Designer Leather Case for the iPhone 6 Plus the model can be one hand well before the screen scratches and even protect minor fall damage, but on the other hand but not limited to use. The depth of the model, for example, is only increased by a few millimeters, so that the smartphone easily found in your pocket shelter remains. In addition, the front of the iPhone leaves 6 Plus leather case with a skilful Fingerschnips or a safe swing fold of the wrist: The quality front is indeed permanently secured by a combination of magnetic clip on the iPhone 6 Plus, however, must be easily handled! In addition, these particularly luxurious type of iPhone 6 Plus leather case fitted with an integrated microfiber cloth: If the flap on the phone screen, it is automatically cleaned! And thanks to the optimal cut at the back of the camera must be used with applied cover the full extent!

Small individuality quite large
Apart from a high protection factor, this Case for iPhone 6 Plus is another big advantage: By simply very high elegance of the pocket of high-quality calf leather, the iPhone 6 Plus can be especially sent by his various brotherhood and sisterhood models distinguish, as it Finally, embodies a far more individual smartphone form. On top of that you choose many colors to choose from, so your iPhone 6 Plus also really shines in the light that corresponds to your own character, or to your taste!