accupressure mat

Hoopomania Acupressure Mat (green or purple)

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Acu Neck Support with acupressure massage

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Have you ever heard of a so-called nail mats applicator? This allows you to treat your body in a very special kind of self, because this mat you experience a new sense of wellbeing.

Medically recognized nail mats
Such nail mats are both medically recognized, as well as a modern version if you want to do something good. Take a close look at what effective form of our products, as determined you are convinced quickly. Do not be shy in front of prints on your body, because the nail mats from our shop cause not pain. A nail carpet, the order with us, acts like a pleasant massage. Even if you want to meditate, you can for example choose a massager as a neck support.

New opportunities for meditation
Learn a sensual meditation opportunity and gain distance from everyday stress. You have problems with your back? Possibly could be something for you of the erector spinae with three different levels and a tutorial on DVD from our shop. Note the different possible versions, because you have a selection. Although the term "bed of nails" sounds a little crazy, it is none of them are real nails, but only to a similar shape. So you need have no fear that they will get lasting imprints of such a nail mat from our assortment.

Use acupuncture points
Surely you already know that there are specific points on the body, which can be used positively for acupuncture. So that means that you can heal yourself when you lie down on such a mat from us. Position yourself, how do you like best and relax, so that the compression effect can have its effect. Especially if you need to take monotonous postures in the work, you will certainly occasionally plagued by a stiff neck. Fix your tension even more as needed when you get home.

A Yantra mat is also called acupressure mat. It provides stress relief so that you may use it for meditation. In this online shop, we offer you a high quality Yantra mat model. Discover now the advantages of such a mat. It is worldwide seen as an effective wellness tool for stress management. Too much stress over a longer period of time may cause the symptoms of burn out.