Turkish keyboard stickers

Turkish keyboard stickers laminated and transparent in different colors

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Turkish keyboard stickers transparent, size 14x14mm in different colors

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5,39 £
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You may be looking for a Turkish keyboard because you often have to write Turkish articles and texts? Save yourself the long search and most of all you save lots of money, because with us you can order Turkish keyboard stickers online. Do not worry whether our Turkish keyboard stickers are also attached to your keyboards, because we have different designs and even the colors are differentiated. To provide the necessary contrast and select from the keyboard stickers depending on the manufacturer. Also, for example if you have a keyboard from Apple, each sticker fits perfectly on your keys.

Suitable for all models
You need not worry that the Turkish keyboard stickers from our range are no longer replace, because both the assembly and the disassembly done easily. Turkish keyboard stickers for Mac hold so as long as you want to use this, then you can replace again or leave the top - depending on how you please. Similarly, the Turkish Keyboard Stickers for PC are processed. Click to still by the different colors, or get some contrasts in the form of light or dark for your keyboard. Depending on which version you are using, you will find this the perfect combination in the form of a Turkish keyboard in our online shop.

No expensive foreign orders more
Especially because there are so many families, the original Turkish keyboards order to separate from Turkey and also these can be very time-consuming and expensive supply, this alternative is very good. So typing makes in Skype, MSN or Google Hangout with the Turkish family back home fun.

With our Turkish keyboard stickers you need if you want to write Turkish, not cumbersome to buy a new keyboard. Just take our Turkish keyboard stickers and stick them on the PC, laptop or Mac keyboard and the characters are just as visible as that of the German or English keyboard. Thus, you can soon send home in Turkey your emails to friends and family, without having to always awkward look for the signs.