Flush figure Tcheburashka
Tcheburashka is a creatively formed plush figure for children. The being comes from the Soviet sign trick series "Tsheburashka and the crocodile Gena". It concerns a mythical creature which is shown in the sign trick series as an exotic animal who has come by chance from a distant country. By the big ears, the big eyes and the soft fur Tcheburashka works virtually amusing on children. The nice features make it an ideal playfellow and companions for children.

Tcheburashka can speak
Tcheburashka is as a soft toy many-sided usable toys which promotes the creativity of the child. Since Tcheburashka can also speak some sentences on in Russian and wakes with it an especially true to life and active impression which gives to every child the feeling to have a good friend. Since therefore the child can talk to the soft toy and receives also a contact to talk about all possible what just moves children.

Tcheburashka with different accessories
The soft toy Tcheburashka is available in different versions. The appearance of the animal is always same of course, but the soft toy is also available in different dimensions. So possibly by a size of 18 cm or also with 27 cm in a little bigger version. However, in addition, Tcheburashka receives also the different accessories which make the game with the animal even more interesting. In the version of magicians the animal wears about one magician's hat. Also with a teapot the mythical figure is available with which also tea parties can be made. Of course there is also a suitable orange for the animal what is an allusion on the sign trick series again, because Tcheburashka with an orange box has reached in his new native country.